Okay so I am getting friends or contacts. Who knows what they will bring?  So I called, left a message.  Hopefully have an answer tomorrow.  I got to go down to the middle of town.  I thought there would be someone there. But no, not for me I don’t think.  But I did want to ask that guy who looked like D a question.  But I bet you he is going out somewhere.  He looked exactly like someone I know.  He just skinny. He seems very nice.  Except there conversation wasn’t.  And all I wanted to do on the walk back to where I am staying is ask him, what if the person you are talking about it is me or standing right by you then what do you do?  Course I don’t think he would appreciate that. So playful me although I think he didn’t care for it much, he said hello;  I said hello.  But I think he was on the phone.  So then I said goodbye. And after I left chat ya laterz.  Of course by then you know he couldn’t hear me.  But you never know.  He might have.
Okay so I got two towers on my cell phone.  I think that means its connected to a tower. But I don’t have an active phone service so it kind of defeats the purpose. And it isn’t working either way.  There is no contract.  So I guess they found that out.  I mean if you call you get a different person altogether.  Know how I know?  I called the number and its always busy.  I can’t get my number back.  It won’t go to me. So the new phone I get will be a new number.
Okay so I walk towards the library, and this guy says in my radio, that guy was an iman. I am like how do you know? He could be anyone.  And you could be a liar.  So unless I see him I can’t ask him. But you know who I thought it was- someone who was important in his own way.  So then I kind of yelled at the guy in my radio.  And then I just went to look for a book that I have finally decided they just don’t have at the library.   
I have to go talk to someone down the street and I don’t know who it is.
Okay so how do you take this- I was just thinking out loud-  Thank God for you being you and Thank God for me being me or Thank God for me being Nikki and you nothing. But then I figured Thank God for me being nothing and you being nothing.  And then we are someone in our own right. 
You know what makes me angry is people keep trying to call you an ignorant man or woman.  And then they try and tell you it is because you don’t ask questions.  But what about those who ignore you?  And I do that. 
So you can’t ignore people.  It isn’t right.  But I hope to see some of them tomorrow. That is what I was hoping to do.  But tonight I wouldn’t mind staying over at a church somewhere.  We used to have sleep overs there.  It was nice.  Just you and your friends. They seemed to be able to talk about anything. And you are not by yourself. So I am about to sign off here now.
For those in the know:  They say that for those who are always in someone else’s business minding their business they never ever hear anything good of themselves. Well to all those out there and you know who are you, instead of vicariously surfing their personal business that isn’t your business, why don’t you go sing your heart out whether you can or not;  write whether you can or not and LIVE your life and not their own.  And why you do it learn the art of minding your own business.  It will help you a lot.  Believe me I know this for a fact.   Just don’t be oblivious.  I know this for a fact.  And let me tell you I am the most oblivious woman out there at times.  But I learned.  I had too.  My problem is that I still have to learn to juggle when to and when not to be friends with my coworkers that I don’t trust.
 So until the next time fellow ‘wackians, chat ya laterz. 
Oh, and check your cell phone minutes.  I just found out I know someone who is a cyber stealer.  If you happened to give your cell phone out to anyone that you know you might have some stolen service.  Heads up!

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