It is Time to Go Outside of No Comfort Zone and For Real! I Can’t Do It; I Can’t Function! So Please, Don’t GO THERE!

Cheerio peeps!  It is September 16, 2009 and yes I got woken up in a bad ass mood. Know why?  Cuz some lady or guy with a microphone decides that she needs to spread other people’s name and business around.  And she isn’t saying anything good either. It actually is rather bad.  But there you have it.  Ten times worse than actually mowing your lawn at like 7 am in the morning. 
So I am not in the mood to chat much now.  But I will be later.  Actually, I am rather nauseous.  And to top it off I got a smoker. (Okay so you don’t think I am being a pain in the ass this isn’t in reference to anyone in particular. It could fit a number of people out there that I know.  And yes, I have kissed a smoker, can’t say I liked it much. So if you take offense, you shouldn’t because it isn’t directed at you.  It is directed at the situation that no matter what I do I am unable to rectify without taking certain measures.)  Now if you smoke you smoke, but I hate it when you make my breath smell like smoke.  You to damn close to being in the wrong place or your there already.  So in other words you really could be trespassing.  But you know I drink coffee.  Makes some people sick.  I don’t do it all the time but I don’t stop it all the time.  And I get someone who doesn’t drink coffee.  Not necessarily children but you know they don’t drink coffee sometimes.  Nothing beats the preggers.  You know what they give you- weight gain.  Extreme weight gain.  You think I am joking don’t you? So not! 
But before I go, I wanted to just inform you that although my birthday is coming up in three months times, it feels as if it will never happen for me and I hate that feeling.  So to whomever thought that the birthday wish was okay, I liked it, not my birthday yet…………. but the thought was there. As long as you didn’t intend to insult me or call me the n-word, I might actually thank you for it.  Now how do I say what you deserve to hear?  You drop me a line.
SSSSSSSSSSSSSooooooooooooooo’s okay- I’m back.  Still not much to say.  I am still intending on popping in and out.  I may not close the blog out.  People seem to be reading it. LOL!  Go figure.  They like me! Either that or they are talking about me like a dog in heat.   So okay I have a fascination with other people’s blogs right now.  How they look, what they write, what site they are posted on and if they are in legal trouble.  Why?  No particular reason other than that I am interested in finding the one thing that connects them all.  Greed, money, love of the written word or just a desire to be read and heard.  I have a friend who has written a novel must be about six or seven years now.  I do not know if it is published.  I am saying friend, not family or acquaintance but you get the picture.  Anyway, I have never read the book nor has it been offered to be read. So I am curious as to what it was and how it did. I see them writing fashion, mystery and maybe true crime kind of like autobiographical.  With the stuff that went on in that family you can be rest assured they got some stuff to dish.  But in anyway, word for word the book might be a best seller and it might not be a best seller.  In fact it could be a flop.  It could be the worst thing written since the invention of the novel.  She could sell not worth one damn. I have the same fear.  I may be the very same way. But I have something that I would like to sell for- the future.  And I have seen them and it and I think it is beautiful.  So I got hope.
I have to swing by the police station today or tomorrow.  I am shooting for today.  Why you ask? Question and answer; information.  But that is neither here nor there.   Thought I had found it and I could grasp and hold on to it but no, not happening.  I had an acquaintance or a fair weather friend, who is/was in the same situation.  I had a person who I don’t know how to designate because I hear very bad things about this person and based on what I know and what I hear I don’t like this person much.  But I might have had at one point.  So I believe at some point they were in the same position. 
For those in the know:  the tone of what you read might change in this blog.  It could be any number of reasons.  But the one reason I think you will notice is a different author to what you may read.  I actually was thinking of inviting someone in but no one has emailed me yet so I don’t believe the people who read it actually want to join. (I did make the offer some time ago; or it could have been on the other blog. But in any case the offer is open.  It will have to be opened up on another website though but linked to this blog.) But as I said the tone may change.  The character may change. The people who read may change but I hope one thing stays the same- you stay chilled and you stay well heeled.  LOL.  And …………………………………..
PLEASE chat   ya laterz!

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