GodDamn! GodDamn! Goddamn!

School Started. Yay! for all of those who are parents and want their children out of the house. For those who don’t Boohoo!  I do like kids but I like to send them home too.  No kidding.  But you can’t send yours home.  So props to those who are parents because this school year is about re-learning what they thought they knew.  In other words, they didn’t retain the last year in their brain and the first couple of days are a marathon of do you remember this lesson.  God damn. God damn. God damn.
Moving on, if there are any out there who are interested in teaching or mentoring students there are a lot of opportunities.  Hence, MTV, ESPN, E!Network…need I go on…?  Bravo is doing well too.  No seriously, television is not just a babysitter anymore it is a tool of education which they use instead of actual lesson plans.  Hence, God damn, God damn, God damn.
Out of jokes now, on to a serious topic close to my heart and yours if you are a woman. Breast Cancer.  I have one  member to breast cancer and had numerous others diagnosed with breast cancer.  (Side note- they are all much bigger chested than me.)  But size isn’t a deterrant.  At least that is what I have read.  I don’t actually see any evidence in the family that I have mentioned of that.   Some have had mastecomies, reconstructive surgery and others have had nipples removed and saline taken out.  It isn’t just that we are getting diagnosed earlier.  It is that we are finding out that even those who are small busted have a chance of getting cancer.  And if not taken care of they can move into other areas of the body.  As you know October is coming up and that is the Walk in New York for breast cancer awareness with a one night or two night stay over in a hotel along the way.  If you haven’t joined maybe you can at least donate money.  I had wanted to join and do it but due to my circumstances I am unable to do so.  To you that may seem like a cop out but to me it is a matter of maintaining sanity and keeping dignity.  Who knows, I could have gone and had a great time.  That is what I had hoped for; but I don’t forsee it happening. My hopes due to my own inability to do certain things keeps getting dashed.  And I hurt other people who don’t deserve to be hurt.  So I hope you go.  I hope you meet, greet, learn and I hope you visualize a better America for your children, your wives and your extended family members.
I am actually out of things to say right now.  So I will chat ya laterz.  And don’t forget to kiss your loved ones; love the one your with and your without and never ever let them know you cry. 

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