August 2009

Hi guys.  Another entry. You are like wow!  Anyway, for those who say they know and understand me or what I do or what I say they don’t understand everything.  That is not to say they don’t get it. I want them out of where they are.  Do you think those words are succint enough for them to get what I am saying to them repeatedly?  Cuz I don’t think they understand what I am telling them at all. Ever. No way; no how. Now me, I ask them to repeat because they speak to softly or too fast  and they know they do it deliberately. Now if I walk away and I ask them to repeat it I dont think that is a hassle. But as the lady says it is rude. So I have to watch the rude behaviour. And I do. But, they are the rudest bitches around.  And they don’t get how truly rude they are.
Anyway, some more corrections and some more deletions.  The new blog will hopefully not be so bad with corrections. But I learn as I go. You would think taking a course in intellectual property would help but damn ya’ll that was years ago. Some of it I know. But remembering is taking some time. So hopefully the mistake won’t be repeated again.  
Okay so about my weekend so far.  I went to a wedding with the folks.  I don’t believe it was a bad wedding.  Some people don’t want you there.  So they try and lock you out of stuff they do. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to alot of people. But they do. By that I mean they don’t invite you, they don’t talk to you; they don’t tell you anything.  It is a problem.  I was hoping for something today but it didn’t come. I was hoping for it yesterday but it didn’t come.  I would continue and say I was hoping for it last year and it didn’t come but you get the picture.  So now you have to deal with it.
 For those in the know:  it is now being used in Black Chat. Can’t figure out how they all picked up the term.  But I am hoping they use it the same way.  You never know.  I am being set up maybe.  A lady I chat with knows a guy who I have probably chatted with.  He seemed nice. We shall see. He is foreign.  So I don’t know about that.  Most foreign men you meet try and ask you to marry them for no reason. And I mean no reason.  The ones I have met have mostly been from India and they want to get married.  I don’t get it but there it is. My experience.  So we shall see.
 For those in the know:  I hope to be going to the doctors soon. Remember a while back I had told you I had some health issues. Well I am hoping for some x-rays to be taken this time.  So we shall see.
 For those in the know:   I have a problem with the people I know thinking that my writing a blog is worthless.  That my taking the time or using my time to write this is meaningless.  I don’t agree.  Maybe I can get a job from it. Maybe I can get a career from it.  It will help me as I grow older and better with it.  
Anyway until tomorrow. I write some more.  I don’t know what else I have to say. I was’t trying to write in here at all until I went in the new blog.
August 3, 2009
Good Afternoon. I am not going to take long. Okay so today I blew up because I saw what looked like a family picture.  Then it looked like my family picture.  it doesnt have to be.  The person inside asked ‘what did i do to you?’.  I didn’t mean to upset them but I did want not to see the family picture. No offense.  It looked very nice from what I saw.  But u know how that goes.  Anyway, I was thinking it looked like a family picture except it had like a red shirt in it. I got a damn good imagination huh.  I think the little one was wearing it.  So how’s them apples huh?
I still have a problem with the salt taste in the cheese. I can’t figure it out.  Whether I have salt or not on my food I still taste it.  So I watch it. But  you can’t enjoy pizza or anything like that.  Which is okay.  Less grease to eat.  
Okay so I am going to post this.  I am hoping to move to a new website by November.  I looked at it.  It is very nice.  But the email will stay in here.  So hopefully when you guys see the link you will check it out.
Got to go.  Chat ya laterz.

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