Hi Ya Guys

Sorry about the wait. As I said I am moving this blog elsewhere.  So I haven’t written anything in the blog. But it has come to my attention that there are issues in here regarding copyright.  So in the interests of keepig this blog legal and on the up and up with no problems I am in the process of correcting the problem. You think you know enough to do it right only to find out you don’t. So it doesn’t hurt to ask him/her what to do in this case.  I will be deleting some entries and there will be an explanation of why.  It has to do with the original authors copyright.  As for the Windows Live entry, it is also being deleted.  And I will just refer you to that entry. Sooooooooooooooooooo, that is the story here. 
By the by, they have a new film out. horror film.  go watch it.  by yourself if you have too. looks good.
School starts again. August is coming along with the run to the clothing store and the supermarket for supplies.  reminds me i got to do something. people been waiting for like years.  so i will go now.  but be on thelookout.

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