Tax Day Approaches

Hullo.  Long time no speak.  So tax day approaches.  I haven’t actually made enough I think to owe taxes.  I believe if you are under a certain amount you can’t pay taxes.  However, I am not sure of the amount.  So this means they don’t expect anything from you.  But the day comes when they give you coffee and donuts at the post office as you file your taxes by the deadline.  Missed that.  But I tried to get in there earlier.  
There isn’t much to say to you. Part of the reason I haven’t posted.  Working on a story.  Hopefully it comes out okay. No news on the personal front.  Except I meet a lot of people in chat rooms.  I am getting the married crew now.  They crack me up.  I believe they all miss their mates.  On the job front, slow moving.  Might get a job.  Lost an opportunity.  Offer of publishing.  Nothing much.
So guys, here’s hoping you all have a good week if I don’t chat you up later.  Oh and for those who are interested in this information please be advised that the blog has now moved its website to  Please make a note.
Ready to end this post fellas.
Have a nice day.

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