Some News

Hi.  I am announcing that I am closing this blog in a couple of months.  But before I do I wanted to just let you know some things.  I am banning the use of the word NORMAL for the rest of your that’s right your lives.   Why?  Because there is no such thing as normal when people try and control your moves.  When they try and control your life.  Your normal is their normal.  Your life becomes their life.  So how the heck is that normal?  And you may or may not agree with me. But you know despite all of that I believe that we can achieve some continuity. Or at least some feckless revelry.  Ok so look I didn’t curse but it was close enough. So if you have read something like this in another blog we think alike or we wrote the same entry.  Just kidding. 
Okay so no seriously, I used this blog to help me get my feet wet in the blogging world. And also to help me air out my feelings.  It did some of that but also helped me figure out where I wanted my blog to be or look like. 
So I seriously hope you got some laughs.  I found a sense of humor not so strange.  Still think its borrowed some of the time but hey, I likes, so I wants to keeps. 
Please read the other blog I mentioned  That blog will soon move to a new home.  Not sure where yet.  Also, if you get the chance just start a blog of your own.  Its therapeutic.

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