Good Afternoon.  Sorry about not writing in a while.  Hope you either like or hate the poem.  If you want to kill it, you can if you wish.  Just don’t massacre it okay?  It is a nice angry poem.
I am waiting to go outside.  I don’t have a cell phone so I am kind of stuck by the phone because she doesn’t know when she is going to call.  I don’t think she is until later if she does at all.  I am going to check out a bus stop and I wanted to get some information fixed up so I can hand it in tomorrow.  I wish I could do it today but I can’t. 
So anyway, I don’t have much to say.  Working on a story.
Until next time- stay clean and stay queer for those who watch LOGO.  And for those who don’t stay clean and stay happy.
Chat ya laterz. 

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