They Call You Slave


 They call you slave.

They call you property.

They call you ignorant.

They say it is your fault.

You stay and you die.

But if you can’t leave because you don’t have the resources

Then what do you do?


I am hoping to leave.

I don’t know if the people I am going to ask

to help me leave will help pay for my way out of here.

Once I leave I can’t return and you know what

Maybe it isn’t that bad.


But for those who know: I once said when you are ready to leave

you just up and pack your bags and leave.  But you have survived and

thrived in your new home.  You are not slave but free.  Here is to you remaining free.


To those who are enslaved, and to the computer inside their body and mind, you will

never be free from them. So my advice is not to try and to just up and die.  Up and die.

But then where would we be in the move to be who we are and who we are meant

to be from our own lives and not what they make of our lives?




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