Clueless! Totally, Indubitably Clueless!

I want peace and quiet and a kitten.  Oh and a a house that has a view with a huge bathroom and a huge hot tub.  What am I getting?  I have no idea.  I am hoping for a surprise.  So don’t jinx me! 
deleted Poetry Corner and subsequent post
Good evening and how are you?  I am probably not going to post this until later on if I don’t change it.  I wanted to air out a few things before I actually put it in.  For instance, I am not actually in facebook but I do have an account.  I don’t use it but who knows, I might use it.  But I don’t think that I will use it.  Who knows? But since I got invited I figured I might use it but it is a tool to network with and I could use networking.  So alright, I will pop back in later.  Don’t have much to write about.  Lots to complain about.  Like old issues and new issues.  But so what?  That’s life.
I wasn’t going to blog today.  You know why?  Because I didn’t like the connotations of what the blog meant to some people.  I didn’t want to be associated with it.  The connotation that is of what it meant the blog.  You are like in left field probably.  For those in the know you know what I mean.  This is a good excercise for me. I recently read on Murderati to stop blogging.  If you are a writer then chances are you have a website and are possibly published.  So use that website and stop blogging.  I like to blog though.  It airs out my thoughts.   I am heading out tomorrow to lunch or brunch.  Then to the office and seeing if I can get some information or a job even if it is like an internship. But seriously, I need money more than anything.   
I am headed out hopefully to get something to eat.  I am hungry and I didn’t want to eat left overs.  Or what was in the house.  I am horrible right? Dead broke and mooching off of the ‘rents (parents).   That is how I feel.  We had problems before I moved back home and now we still have problems.  But this isn’t the place to air out my dirty laundry.  LOL!  Inside joke.  So anyway, I thought I might get a visitor or something but no; it is entirely my fault.  Not funny don’t say LOL!
So anyway, I have decided to try out something new and go meet people.  I am trying it out starting this week.  Hopefully, I am going to meet people.  We shall see.
I am turning over a new leaf when it comes to chat rooms: inside the USA and not outside the USA so much.  Although I didn’t think it was bad to chat to people outside.  You aren’t trying to use them or hurt them or something.  They are too far away to date and more than likely have relationships.  So I can’t do much more than chat. Hopefully, by the end of this year or next year or some year soon I will be working, living my life and going on vacation.  Of course, it is happening for everyone else right now.  Maybe one day, it will be my turn. 
Enough sobbing now.  Time for action.  Although I can’t tell you what type of action.  Except that you may not see this post when it actually gets posted.  But you won’t know that. 
March 19, 2009
deleted this portion of the post. 
March 24, 2009  posted

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