Hey Luv! I Got Sum News 4 Ya! Wanna Hear? No?

Well shut up and listen. LMAO!  Sorry I wasn’t going to post today.  So someone sent me an invite.  Yes yes an invite. To what you ask?  Facebook of all things.  Now I don’t know anything about the website nor people who are in it. So I thought I would sign in to see what the pictures look like.  I know that I shouldn’t have. Why you ask?  Because a funny feeling happened.   Some of the people are famous in there. Cool huh?  But that isn’t the funny thing.  No the funny thing is that I am right on whose account it was.  Now how’s them apples on for size?  LMAO! 
Okay so no fooling I just had to post that.  I am sure it was written somewhere else but I couldn’t resist. I have to keep a date now although it wasn’t an officially made date.  I wonder what Vixen at Bad Girls Guide would say to that.  Hell No!  Don’t do it.  Well maybe not.  So I have to keep this date and hopefully they will come.  So I am going out now.  Check Back wich ya lata.

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