Welcome to My Humble Web Page Newcomers! (1)

Good Evening/Morning.  Just checking in for now.  I am still awake and about to see if a walk will cure me. If not a walk then I will watch television.  Something on late I guess.  Okay I don’t have much to chat about now.  I chatted out in the chat room. But I will write more later. 
The guy I was looking for in the chat room either didn’t show up or changed his signon name.  But today I had someone tell me he wanted to eat my s–t.  Can you believe that?  How nasty is that?  Anyway I think I got it. They are giving directions in the chat room. It took me a while but I figured it out.  YAY!  So then I heard someone who sounded like my cousin speaking.  As I said I don’t mention names but I will do initials or I may change names if the initials don’t work either.
Hey D- I have to make a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge apology.  Cuz ummmmmm, I kind of listened to sumthin………………………….and still think u should have odne sumthin else.   Cuz I got to tell ya although I like the stuff it is a little different.  Even for me. But PROPS to ya. Not that it matters about what I say.  But I likes ya stuff.  So cheers. Except don’t tell anyone and don’t slap me- I CAN’T DRINK.   Cuz it hurts my stomach. And can I tell you to this day I have no idea how he knew I had been drinking that night before I told him.  I swear the man has radar or he was sitting in the restaurant.
So I read  through some blogs. Found a new one. Told you I am a blog addict.  Its disgusting.  LOL!  I found out about a magazine I can’t find a website for because it goes by edition.  Not a particular website it appears.  The one website I found goes up to 1982.  And that actually might be the only website they have for the magazine.  But it is in the UK.  Its cool I meet a lot of people online from foreign countries. Now I found a world chatting website.  I went on but I think it was the wrong time though cuz no one chatted.  Or maybe it was just me.
Anyone here use Windows Live Writer? I got a free download but don’t know if I should use it.  Let me know what you guys think. Drop me an  email line.  You can just hit the email link on the web page. 
To those who just joined in, Welcome to my humble web page. I hope you like reading it.  Make comments if you want.  I do read the emails if you send them.  Since I haven’t gotten a lot so it is easy to respond to them but hopefully I will get more. I have another one but I have to see if she requested just email or to be included.  So don’t think I didn’t get to you.  Cuz  I did. I have to return the email. Although you know guys first it is the dating website and then naughty profiles.  I get the hint.  You are like get out- meet people- don’t stay home.  Live! Live! Live!  F.Y.I.- the last time I got something like that though- they wanted to send naked pictures.  I don’t know if thats a good thing or not. LOL!   Except they weren’t anyone’s naked pictueres we knew.  They were sending them around.  i still think it was in bad taste.
So maybe today I get picked up, taken somewhere for a nice day away from everything to have a nice conversation with the family or friends or new family or friends or just people who want to get away too.  And wait for it………………..NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  I know; I know.  I can still hope right?  And you are like please don’t do it to yourself. 
So I wanted to let you know about the blog I found:  http://doyouwriteunderyourownname.blogspot.com/.  It is by a man named Martin Edwards.  He seems nice. I used to get email from him.  He is writing the blog.  The other blog is  http://queryshark.blogspot.com/.  This I think I am going to fall in love with because it takes up your query letters and tells you from an agents point of view or the assistants point of view.  If you like to write take a look at them.  And the last blog I wanted to let you know about was:  http://www.thepublishingcontrarian.com/2009/02/13/ebooks-nudge-print-books-closer-to-shelf-edge-digital-book-publishing-wave-gathering-momentum/#more-240.  I haven’t looked at this one but the line that got me was this one:  Stop stealing my property you s.o.b!  Cory, listen to me, Big Boy: Most authors do not have the requisite gene to promote themselves and their products as smartly and thoroughly as you. Jeez. Their knees would knock at the thought of venturing onto a stage.  It is a quote directly out of this issue.
okay so enough for now. I chat with you some more later.

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