Simple Reasons

Good Afternoon.  I found a new television show it is called Running In Heels.  It is about life at the magazine Marie Claire.  I watched it yesterday.  It details the daily life of a magazine being put out each month.  What I thought was interesting was that the editor told the interns didn’t know anything about magazines because they must have not read them when they were younger and gave them each a magazine to review.   I have to admit even for me that is a little insulting but from her point of view it might be more of an idea that look this is what we need from you an understanding of what this magazine is about.  Take a look at other magazines and see how they are similar or different.  Take a look at the articles and the clothing.  Try out the magazine and the fit.  And when you come back have an understanding of what this magazine is about. It is in the next episode which hasn’t been broadcasted yet.  So to see her reasoning you have to watch the next epsiode.  Sorry guys- you have to watch. If you have cable it comes on Style channel.  If you don’t go to a friends house or see if your local library has a cable hookup that they use.
I am now going to stop using the captions so much on the television and turn the sound to save my eyes.  I was awake for two weeks with one night of sleep and then back to no sleep.  I got a vicious headache which turned into an almost migraine.  Then  a migraine.  When sound and light hurts, when movement hurts, its a migraine.  I was there.  So I cut out the computer use, the captions on the televison and the television watching and got rid of the headache.  But it still came back.  So I can’t go on as much as I would like anymore.  I am getting migraines.  So I have to watch it.  So that means not so many posts on the blog but I think that is okay.  The new blog as I said will be topic oriented.  So hopefully you will be okay with that.
I read Forbes magazine off and on.  This month they have an article called "Terminated:  Why the Women of Wall Street Are Disappearing. After the scandals of the 1990s, didn’t investment banks put sexist employment practices behind them?  Evidently not."  It is by Anita Raghavan.  This article is about:   some women who were working felt they were discriminated against because one had a baby and went on maternity leave and then returned on a work at home basis only to be let go because it didn’t work. Another had a problem with being laid off before the one who should have been laid off was.  I thought it was interesting.  You guys should take a read.  The page it starts on is 73. 
March 3, 2009
Good Morning.  Last night or yesterday was hard. It was loud for me.  Not for anyone else I think.  But for me it was hard.  Last night the parents were talking to themselves in their sleep.  I woke them up by telling them to be quiet.  Cause they were talking to themselves.  I would wake up the sister and brother who did the same thing.  Not that they might not tell you things you don’t know in their sleep but that they would tell you and not remember because they were sleep.  It isn’t good.  And they were doing it last night. 
A friend or acquaintance of mine ( I use both terms because although he is  a friend at times I feel he is an acquaintance like I don’t really know him), read the blog.  I had never sent him a link.  And I hadn’t.  I thought he wouldn’t want to read it once the complaints started to come into the blog.  But he said he had glanced through a couple of entries.  And he said it was interesting.  He had said that he thought or knew some of the entries were about him but he didn’t care.  He thought it was interesting and gave some pointers for continuing.  Some of what he said I had already thought about.  So here is an excerpt from his email: 
 I think your blog is ok. It takes real courage to write about a lot of your personal feelings, thoughts, etc.

But personally I feel that is the way on become a great writer. I’ve glanced at the entries here and there
and there is some interesting things you have said.
One thing you should work on is being more organized with the writing. There are times when you are writing
about one thing and them go off on a different subject. I would try to make the entries focus on one subject.
Just my opinion.
Those were some good criticism.  He knows that this blog is about life as I see it and some of it is topical information meaning on a topic that I have either read about it or seen it on television or heard it from some one.  But the comments did help me for future reference for the new blog I am writing.  So the comments were appreciated.  Although as I said this was more of a personal blog.  But the information about being more organized is heard.
My new word or phrase for the day:  "freaking insane"  because some of the things I have heard, read or seen are freaking insane.   I was watching a movie last night and the term came to mine.  Not exactly sure if it fit the movie or it fit the mood but there you have it.  It was insane.
I will chat back with you later. 

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