Hi.  I had started this blog a year ago in the month of March.  I didn’t post anything right away.  In fact, I wasn’t sure I was going to post anything at all.  But I started and I liked doing it so I continued.  I can use it as a platform or use it as a bitch post or just write information in that I like and hope you might like. 
This lady (ravela) had her blog either closed out or she closed it out herself. As I had stated to you earlier I am moving my blog hopefully within the next month or so.  I have found a new home for it but I don’t know that it will be connected to this blog at all.  However, I will let you know the name and address of the blog.  So hopefully, if you read this one, you will read that one that begins soon.  And if it takes longer then hopefully you will read it. 
So I like this club which is in New York. However, I don’t go there often.  I think I have gone there like twice since I found out about it.  It is the NuYourican.  It is on NYU Campus or near it.  I liked it the time I went.  You may not like it.
I found the Boston Globe recently.  It wasn’t a bad read.  You should look it up. I also found two new websites.  I am sure you have heard of them. They are and  The other blogs I found go with Writer’s FM radio for the host.  You have to sign on to the website to pick it up though.  I found out it has sound so you can’t listen to it while listening to the radio broadcast.  But be careful, you might take a nap.  LOL! 
I had a FREUDIAN MOMENT people.  I had to share cause you are going to crack up when you understand.  And for those of you who do SHUT THE HELL UP!  So okay it has been a while since I actually hung out with people.  I get too freaked out to do it.  I swear to God. I am not lying to you. I get ready to go and then all the doubts creep into my mind.  I have nothing to say despite the fact that I may have taken the time to find out five topics of conversation and three ice breakers or five.  And yes they do work but not all the time.  So if you have done this then you know what I am talking about.   And then wait for it, here it comes, do I SMELL body odor? Jesus did I sweat all the deodorant off my body?  I can’t go out smelling they will murder me.   But the best yet is I am going to embarass not just myself but my family or whoever comes with me.  And I can’t have any alcohol.  Man WTF?!  So okay now I am comfortable and I meet a nice male or female to talk too.  We start chatting and oh what luck we hook up with some other nice male or female and start to dance.  So okay now comes the reggae.  I like reggae.  So okay now we are dancing and they try to bend you into a pretzel.  Hey, I may think I am that flexible but in reality- swear to God I am not that flexible.  Now you want flexible I can give you a name ( hint hint) and then I will tell you that the next time you don’t take the time out to find out her name and you ask me and I am rude don’t ask me to apologize.  Okay I can’t really be like that cause then you would do it back to me and then where would we be?  Hint Hint.  And lady you know who I am talking to for real. Cause all ya’ll bitches (men and women) do it.   And for me when I don’t take the time out to find out who you are and your name, then I can’t be rude either.  And I need to take the time out to find out that information.  FOR REAL!!!  So the next time you decide I am not in the right and I am in the wrong, and you call me all sorts of names and nasty things, just remember, I am not the one who is your enemy.  I don’t delete you or erase who you are. Actually I think there is a better way to say that and when I figure it out I will let you know. 
The year in review:  I hope you liked what I wrote and I hope you learned some new things to do from what I wrote.  I mean websites and stuff.  I hope you laughed and maybe if you cried then okay.  I wasn’t trying to make you cry though.  I hope you don’t hate me and consider me psychotic.  I hope you think that this was a worth while read.  And I hope if you see a simliar entry in another blog that you don’t think I copied it cause I only read what is on my blog and search out new ones. And hopefully the list will grow longer.  I glance at a lot of blogs though and if I get interested in then I try and post it on here so you guys can read it.  It sounds like I am testifying in a court of law doesn’t it?  Well I am not but I just thought I should explain what I mean because as an old boss used to say if you understand the reasons behind what you are doing then you can do it well. 
You know I started to say what my favorite entries were but I can’t.  I wrote them.  So anyway, I was thinking about some people in town yesterday and this morning.  Name dropping to myself.  For all of those who can hear me it isn’t your conversation so butt out.  Her name starts with an "R."  She is a very nosy women even though she has a full life.  And her name starts with "R’.  That isn’t actually what her name starts with.  But you understand what I mean. Just cause this is a birthday blog don’t mean I can’t complain a little. 
I be back at ya later. 
Hi ya!  How are you? I am okay for right now.  I have released pent up feelings and emotions and I have got shit loads to go.  Since this is the blog birthday I figured it would be okay to do this.  It happens once a year.  So here goes some more:  Have you ever heard of death by instrument?  You use like a knife, a gun, a axe saw and the person then dies.  The maximum penalty would be death by capital punishement.  Have you ever heard of that term used?  I haven’t.  But it does get used. I was going through my terminology of legal terms recently and also police officers that I like their names and came up with that.  So I was thinking about what would happen if someone got charged with that.  
I met a nice guy recently.  Not in person but in chat and instant message.  At least he seems nice.  The problem is I don’t meet many people. So I don’t want them to be angry at me. I just want a good conversation.  As I said I get freaked out going out even when I had a good time.  But I had good friends to go out with or acquaintances.   I am not sure what you would call them now.  I loved to hang out with my family though cause they always had my back if anything went wrong.  I could go to them all the time.  Now I can’t do that and as a result I don’t like going out much.  My sister and brother have always been my bodyguards.   I guess you get the point, even though I am in my 30’s I am not always the sensible one and get into a shit load of trouble.  I had to learn to be responsible when I went out with friends but it was nice to let it all hang out and get toasted out of my mind. I can’t do that anymore.  No alcohol.  And I don’t do drugs. (And for those who think I am a drug addict I am not.  I don’t do drugs.  I don’t like them.  If you want to do them that is fine with me but please do think that you shouldn’t.  Care for those who love you and don’t die from stupidity.) And I don’t want to have sex with just anyone I want it to be someone who loves me and not someone looking for a good roll.  What that means is even if you said to me you were not looking for that (meaning just a notch in your belt or a prostitute) if I don’t believe you; you ain’t getting any.   I can’t do that right now and I am not happy.  Because I would like just to spend some time with my family.  If I have a family to do that with I mean.  Sometimes we don’t have that.
For those who know:  if you want a real wo/man and a real relationship and think you can’t get it from somone then you should re-think who you know and what you talk about.  This is in regards to conversations I have heard or read about.
Okay I can’t think of much else to say now so I pop back in later.  
No one is in the chat room right now.  So I can chat with you some more. 
So I am going for this job at HBO.  I hope I get it.  For those who know the job outlook isn’t very good.  But I want to make money.  It will be like close to $50000 and I am worth every damn penny despite what the naysayers say.  So they can all go straight to hell.  Because I am tired of trying to get penny ante jobs which is a job and not worth time to go to because I spend what I make in transportation.  And I am tired of settling for less money.  I have had it up to here because I had to do it all the time.  Well guess what:  the time for settling is over mutherfuckers.  This rich bitch is through with settling.  Get this point:  I AM WORTH EVERY GODDAMN CENT(S) OF THAT $50,000 ASSHOLES! Okay enough about the bitch session for a job.  I need one and can’t piss off prospective employers. 
So now that I have made it clear to all and sundry who have the gall to read such drivel, have a happy day. 
Okay so still doing the birthday blog.  I am in the chatroom and someone wants to knock up their computer. lol!  Gawd! I don’t get it do you think he got it?  Seriously, do not talk to that guy for the rest of the night he wants to knock up a COMPUTER!  It already has a virus. lol!  Ok- so not so funny to you but here is a question:  ARE YOU PC? LOL!
February 27th
Geez I am still up and chatting.  be back in a jif.  I am tired with the people in and out. I just want them out and I want them to show respect but they can’t do that and I am tired.  So at the end of this birthday blog I just want to say:
If you happen to read this blog in its entirety and actually like what you read then okay tell someone or not at all.  I am done and I give up for real. It isn’t worth it to be destroyed or pissed off no more.

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