Hewoh. How u? Me Fine.

And here you go:  Wuz Up!  WTH!(heck).   You can’t say Hello like the normal person above.  So last year I found a pledge in the Essence Magazine which I am pretty sure most women and men in America already know about.  This pledge is the one in which you tell the world that you derserve a good life and this is how you are going to acheive that end.  I don’t know who came up with it but I think it is a good idea and a nice pledge.  It was in a 2008 issue of the Magazine.  I think you guys can probably find it.  You can substitute man for woman if you are a man. I don’t think the person would be offended but they might be so don’t say I told you to do it Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  K.  But read it, live it and love it. 
You know the saying, Silence is Golden- it is a very true saying.  When in doubt or don’t know the facts or aren’t sure- say nothing.  Ask questions and verify facts.  If you can find it in writing.  Helps a lot.  Then no one can tell you that you are wrong, are a liar or are imagining anything.  So you and your family be it your mother, father and you, your mother and you or your sisters/brothers and you, will have a good and peaceful life.  If you speak the truth, then they can’t deny it because that would make them a liar.  Live your life. 
I am a little tired.  Not going to sleep yet.  But I am going to close this out for a while and then pop back in later.  If you get the chance check out the pledge.  And also check out your local library or city hall.  You can find some nice people to talk to there or if you want to the local deli too.  People inhabit strange places but are willing to chat if you are willing to listen to them.  Chat with ya later bebe!
2:39 p.m.
So I thought I would chat some more. I am about to go to the library.  Not that I should share that with you.  The enemy of people has been informed that there is no conscience for what they have done or what they will do to see that they have no real kind of clue that they are evil.  And you are like what the heck does that mean? Simply put it means be careful and know who your friends and enemies are or you will rue the day you don’t know that information.  I an watching a lifetime movie network movie and I think it actually will help explain it.  When I get the title off the commercial  I will give it to you.  This young girl gets raped and the rape brings into the mix her personal family life and her life to shed light on the events that happened on the night of the rape.  It is like getting raped in court except it is a television show and its about an actual rape.  Not rape in reality but the teleivison show is about a rape. 
So k- I chat some more later. 

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