Today I don’t know what I feel.  Tired definitely.  Not happy or unhappy.  Empty.  And my teeth hurt.  Very much.  TMI I know.  So I chatted a lot yesterday.  I tried out some humor (a little risque and even with a cruel bent to see if it worked but I don’t think it did.)  I can’t use it in the novel or future stories I write.  I think it is better to let it come naturally when it comes. 
So I am also waiting to use the bathroom.  Again TMI but I have to get ready to do I don’t know live life. Maybe watch a movie.  Maybe chat with someone.  I feel very apathetic I think the word is. Apathetic is the feeling.  Empty, not interested, not caring right now.  And I am nauseous. No coffee.  No peptobismal.  Just something to settle the stomach.  Not sure if it will help. 
I don’t have much to say this morning.  I am kind of talked out.  OMFG.  That is a first for me!  LOL!  Anyway I will be back laterz to chat.
February 25, 2009
I have one word fer ya:  WOW! LOL!  Where did that come from?  Okay so I am not so tired now.  Slept a whole night almost or maybe not.  But I slept a little.  I hope to sleep more.  So I listened to the radio station I found on the internet for writers.  It was in the process of doing an interview which I believe might have been a podcast because it is in the morning over there when I was listening to it. So it can’t be a live broadcast unless the woman is not in America right now. And in which case it might not be a podcast.  I have to find that out. The station is on the internet, the host is English and the lady he is interviewing is English. But he might not be in England. So since I don’t know the answer to that I am not going to stick my foot in my mouth. But can I tell you the whole entire list is mostly English authors.  Hey folks:  I think I got the British version.  And there is probably one that might be more American. Don’t know but it was interesting.  SHhh- don’t say I told you this but she sounded like my English college professor.  She was English.  LOL!  Go figure!  So anyway she was discussing her biography and she was discussing the history for the persons they were discussing.  I have to listen to the whole one.
But I haven’t gotten to the hotel yet.  I was supposed to check in by 3:00 p.m., today.  Okay folks; so where am I?  I have to go to the hotel.  Because I figured  my dad could stay by himself for one day.  I don’t think he’d mind. Unless I could borrow the friend’s apartment.  You think he would let me?  I don’t really think so but I did ask. I was bold enough to ask.  Can you believe?  Not really.
I saw this special on televison last night.  It was a home movie by two men who were pimps for young girls who weren’t even teenagers yet some of them. It showed how they found them and how they got them to turn tricks for them.  It showed how some of them got out of the business and what some of them are doing now.  I was watching the last Presidential Address to Congress and one of the young guests there looked like one of the young girls on the special.  And if it was, I think that was a very nice thing to do for them.  And it is something they will remember for the rest of their life.  As the young lady said, she who is an activist, she does it so that she can help prevent it from happening.  Hopefully if enough women and men feel the same way, no young lady or man who is under 18 will feel like they need to turn a trick.  Or feel they can’t go to a shelter.  I didn’t know the age was 18 to go to a shelter.  And it probably might be.  I looked up the one shelter I had looked at that I found on the internet and it doesn’t list the age limit but I am sure if it has one that it is there somewhere for me to find out.
Okay, so I am not out to talk your ear off today.  I am actually a little tired and I want to go outside.  So hopefully I will be chatting you up later on tomorrow or today. 
Until then, a bientot or see ya laterz.

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