Reality Check No. Infinatum!

I meant to go somewhere today and people were counting on me to do so.  And I am going to do it but its very late. And the person I need to see may not be there but I am hoping that they are.  Today is the monthly housing meeting. I could go there after the meeting. It is extremely windy tonight.  It has been all day.  No excuses folks and I ain’t making any either.  Despite the fact that it is windy, despite the fact that the weather left a tree branch in the siding on the house and despite the fact that I am told not to come if I stay here it is just as bad for me and for others possibly. So betwixt and between what do I do?  Do you know because most times I am at a loss.   I am not able to stay on long.  I will type more for ya lata.
But before I go, I have to share this with you:  I watched this talk show I will not name the name but most talk shows are pretty much the same but they give you different ideas.  So here on this talk show (if you saw it then you know what I talking about) was on beauty.  The unsightly hairs in places other than the top of your head.  We can so relate to that. But actually it was about eyebrows, skin, scars, jewelry and fat. 
The news was the news.  The tv the tv. but the thing that was different was me.  I am so ready to go out somewhere but I don’t.  So then the question becomes how ready can you be?  Well I am ready.  I have to do what I want to do to move forward in my life and be who I am to be.  And as much as it sounds like malarkey, it isn’t but it will be until it isn’t.  Does that make any sense?  Hell no.  But I don’t know how to explain it to anyone. 
Another thing- I found out that people play online games.  I think you have to pay so I can’t join them but I might like too.  And I am away from the church for now.  I am not unhappy or happy about that because I need a religious base for me to survive in my life.  I think that is why I am crazy and seeing houses in my television.  Mostly because this lady and this man think they should be in your friend circle or not does’t meant they are the right friends for you and if they aren’t the stay the hell away from them no matter what.  You get me? 
I am going to look at this meeting and see whats up and go towards the courthouse. So I am out until later.
As usual I didn’t get to where I was going at the time I needed to be there.  But you can bet your bottom that I am still going to get there.  But before I continue, I just wanted to share I have found some more new blogs.  YAYS!  I am so happy.  I like to read blogs.  It keeps me in touch with other people’s minds and what they think, read and hear in their lives.
I have a hungry munchkin and a hungry family member.  Do you know what that is like?  They are hungry but they shouldn’t eat past a certain time?  Yeah, ya’ll know.  So what do you do?  If it is a good day I let them eat.  And then worry about the fat calories later.
So I have to ask the p about what I saw.  they say it is impossible.  except they were really watching television in my television.  how is that possible?  does that mean that we are truly in for a world where we will not know who is there? possibly.
my mood ring is old and doesn’t work. but it still looks pretty.  so i put it on today.   i am dizzy and don’t feel well.  I had chest pain on the opposite side of where it normally is.  i don’t know what it feels like to have a heart attack. most poeple that i know who have survived knew they had it.  the few who didn’t and survived were lucky.  the rest died.  bad odds huh?  don’t know.
i have the head shakes a little today.  i am hopeful they are going to go away compeltely.  it would be nice to not be a nodder. 
i have to swing by the court tomorrow.  i meant with all my heart to go today to talk to some people.  and i didn’t go which is bad for me and bad for others.  i can’t talk with them about things i don’t know about or don’t understand.  it makes life difficult.  plus gives you a headache.
so okay i am really dizzy now.  I will chat with  you later.
The tree is still stuck in the side of the house.  I have to go to the p to ask some questions.  I think CE wrote a blog.  Or maybe they just sound like her.  It could have been just what was said.  Who knows?  I think that whoever it was went through a lot.  I don’t know who it was. It could just be that It might have been KH or NF or DD.  I only know a couple of them.  The last name is because I couldn’t remember their initials so I called them DD. But I like the name Dee Dee so it isn’t meant to be an insult. 
Okay so I am not hungry but thirsty.  I can’t drink anything and I am still woozy and nauseouness has just set in.  Do you think that God has a sick sense of humor?  Anyway back to what I had started to say earlier- I met this guy and I don’t know him well but people seem to think that I do.  And it bothers the hell out of me.  He doesn’t know me and I don’t know him.  But they ask him or I things about the other.  Do you know that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.   Think about it. 
I smell like either dog food or a bad smell.  It bohers my nose.  And we don’t have a dog in the house.  So it is bothersome. 
I can no longer make the mistake of not doing what I say I am going to do and to use silence when appropriate.  In other words as the book said  "Silence is Golden".  I wish I could remember the title of the book but it is right.  Sometimes, silence is better than talking particularly when the talking doesn’t net you anything positive or otherwise.  So keep silent you might learn more than if you talked the whole time. And although I learned it believe you me, I still re-learn it all the time.  
I have to go to bed soon but I won’t sleep.  As I stated I have something to do and it invovles other people so I have to help out there as well.
Until later flavor!

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