I feel normalized.  You are like what does that mean?  In Friday’s paper there there was an article about Black History Month in connection with other people’s blogs.  It was cool.  The blogs they cited are the following:  www.the-eye-of-you-mind.blogspot.com; www.writerworkin.blogspot.comwww.huffingtonpost.com; www.nowarningshotsfired.blogspot.com and www.jovanmiles.net Each had a different take on Black History Month. So if you don’t read the newspaper though I am sure you all do and you do read this blog (I am almost sure some do) then check out these blogs.  You might find new reading material.  I like this quote.  It was in the paper too:  " It conveys blacks are a separate group with a separate history, a separate identity, a separate culture." by Abigail Thernstrom, author of "Black and White:  One Nation, Indivisible". 
So, it is Black History Month this entire month.  This is the month where they talk to you about historical events of Black America and what that means to the entire race as a whole and to the world at large.  I recently saw a film about people moving to Africa to live and make a living.  I forget the title.  I will let you know when it comes up again.  It was a nice film. These men and women carved out a niche for themselves in Africa.  They showed you their houses that they built and discussed some of their work with you.  And they look not a day over 60 years old the oldest might be in looks.  Age I don’t know.  But it was a very nice film.  It makes you want to go vist.  But I think they told you the truth- you can make or be anything you want to be but girl ya got ta work for it.  They won’t give it to ya.
I don’t have much to say today.  A recap of my chat experience, a person was told they were lonely yesterday.  And no one wanted to talk to you and no one wanted you in the chat room.  Not nice much huh?  The other chat room was okay but not very chatty.  They were having a conversation about gold diggers at another chat room site.  It was interesting. Since I have been told I was an addict of chat rooms which I don’t believe I am, I need to watch the chat day.  I met a couple of people I try and hook up with when I chat.  I tend to see them there.  So it isn’t bad. 
So since I am kind of dried up for right now, and I am in write mode I will chat with ya later  on k, chicklit?  K.

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