I Think I F*c*d Up!

Good Morning.  How You?  I am here and awake after not sleeping yesterday and you know why?  They were in speaker chat and I could hear them.   So listened and I listened.  And then I got myself in trouble.  You know how?  I put my two cents in but in my defense, it is more of a discussion that needs to be held in person.  It does better that way.  Now I am not stating that what was said or wasn’t said was correct or incorrect, it was just something that needed to be said because it keeps happening with no explanation to me.  That is all I am saying. They call and mention nothing to me.  And yet I hear them talking about it.  So I figure today I would call and find out.  Except I have to make another call first.  I feel bad.  he seems to be having a hard time.  I hope his family gets better.
I thought I heard a family member of this guy I know this morning.  She wasn’t happy. 
Okay, so I know I have made some or many enemies. Some are of people close to me.  The enemy status is because I get angry and sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong.  I would hope that the people involved would understand that I have a right to be angry and so do they if the information is incorrect.  If and this if it is incorrect.  Because if it isn’t incorrect, then I have a right to be angry and upset and discuss it with them directly.  Either way, I should be able to discuss it with them directly.  Do you know that if you were to watch the View on Channel 7, it is kind of like Hot Topics.  You air out what you hear and your opinion on what is going on but try to make sure it is based on fact and not on what you hear that you aren’t sure of.  I learned that within the last couple of years.  I think I told you that.
Okay so I got a written application for the first time.  Do you know how happy I am about that?  YOU HAVE NO IDEA!  I can’t stand doing computer applications.  Do you know my M thought I didn’t fill them out and I did.  So now I can make copies and hand it in.  There is my proof. Know where I learned that? It started at the last law firm job I worked at and got cemented at the insurance company.  So see, Mr. G I DID LEARN SOMETHING! Okay but seriously, I did learn it is better to have a copy of what you do or proof of what you do.  If you can get a copy of what you say then that is just as good. Might be distrustful, but hey, live and learn.  So hey whoever taught me that, see I learned from you.  Not funny I know.  But do you know this investigator who is on television I forget what channel, he does that I believe.  Actually I might have read about it in a book.   I think though if we are that distrustful of what someone says to us then we are in serious need of a re-think on who our friends are and who we are down to the last dna molecule. 
On to happier topics- chat room- do you know they have opened up Speaker Chat?  Haven’t done it yet.  Think of doing it.  But not sure.  This guy actually said well how do you sound?  It depends.  And I ain’t lying it really depends.  My voice is normally high pitched and I sound younger or white.  Mostly white.  Though I think people who aren’t white have lower sounding voices.  A couple of years ago my friend thought I had a deeper voice than I do now.  I didn’t notice. But I could have.  I sounded huskier if you ask me. But not lower.  Like a smoker or somebody who talked a lot in an area where there was smoke. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll so oh alright there was a lot of smoke damn it.  HAPPY NOW!  I lived with smoker(s).  So hey you were right my voice was deeper in the morning and huskier.  So alright, now just don’t get angry it ain’t there no more.  Just high ol’ squeaky me.  (Though I swear if you saw what they were smoking you would think it was tree bark-Just don’t tell them I told you so ok)  Ok so they will read it in here.   I think they liked cigars or the thin cigarettes you know with the dark brown skin.  Not the brown skin you roll weed in but just dark cigarettes in and before you ask no I don’t smoke weed.  Truth to be told, it wouldn’t do anything for me. 
So you want to hear a weird story from yesterday. I will get in trouble so I will abbreviate.  Yesterday I was at this store called Sams Club. Like Costco’s and the like.  You can buy in bulk there.  So I had tried their two different chicken foods.  I liked one and not the other.  But I had pulled my keys out of my purse to put into my coat pocket and a bag to put something in and my keys fell in this hole in the middle of the table. I had to have someone get the keys out of the middle of the table with scissors cuz my hands too big.  So he got them out for me.  Okay so here is where I might or will definitely get in trouble. Hearing check is accounted for here.  I thought he said a name that he probably didn’t say.  So in keeping with that, I just figured that it was my imagination. 
I still have the head shakes.  I don’t like them. I want them to stop.  And I hope to find a doctor to help me with my implants.  If I am able to get them. I have a back problem.  I am not sure it is a good idea.  But I really would like to look like a more normal women.  This story popped up about a spanish lady who lost weight.  She seemed nice.  Don’t know what I hit for it to pop up.
So I am kind of talked out now.  I will knock you out later. 

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