Be Careful! Watch Out! Don’t Get Hurt!

I just checked out the months and I am coming up on the year anniversary of the blog’s beginning.  I didn’t think I would last a year. And by that I mean, I would lose interest, you wouldn’t read it or all of the above.  But I think this is a good way to talk to people get to know them and have them get to know you.  I am hoping to get some more people who like what I write.  Even though it is about my life and not theres. But hey, some of us are nosy people. And I hope that they don’t put the blog on blast or me anymore. I am looking forward to peace, quiet, a time to get to know people and have them get to know me and a time to get healthy. 
It is after midnight now.  And the sky is dark, the snow is cooling and the room is chilled.  I am thinking of someone whom I would like to get to know and with whom I wouldn’t mind spending the evening with.  Reality check- hey, dead brain girl- you are not thinking right.  You are seriously in need of a heart to heart with yourself and where you are right now cuz from where we sitting you ain’t doing all right but you ain’t doing that bad. Course you need to find the right person and he ain’t there with you right now.  Maybe he is close by but not right where you are. Unless of course he is invisible.  (hey guys, I have seen invisible people.) Okay, seriously now, the truth is I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life and I want someone to share it with.  Who doesn’t?  And I don’t want to have a horrible life along with it either.  So I guess that means I am looking for life inside and outside the realm I am in.   I get it sob story.  But it is for me what I think.  

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