View from the Outside

 I am drinking my morning coffee.  And I am watching the View.  I have to make two telephone calls and actually I think it is four telephone calls.  I have to go stop by this house.  I also have to take back a book if I am finished reading it if not then I have to extend my time out of the library.  I can do that over the telephone.  Also I have to contact someone about information.  I haven’t heard back about a job that I am going to ask about.  And I also have to see about a test.
 I have to respond to an email so I can work on this website and make sure it runs correctly.  Then I can continue to grow the website.  It will hopefully work.  And also, I missed the guy I was supposed to talk to yesterday.  He didn’t show up.  It is like the appointment I made with that lady I missed because I went out with T.  But I signed on and she wasn’t there. But I apologized when I saw her on the next time.  I don’t think she remembered me.   So anyway, I have to see what to do.
Staying over a friend’s house? Is that a wrong thing to do?  I don’t believe so.  Although when I was there someone looked in the peephole. I almost opened the door but it wasn’t my place.  So I almost woke them up.  But I didn’t. I would have opened the door but they went into their apartment.  I didn’t tell them.  It was a different thing though.
  Okay on the health side, I have to make appointments.  I haven’t any made yet but I was offered a Free Lasik Eye Examination.  And do you know that the idea of actually going is in my head. 
Soooooo, I got the new magazine for WD.  Did you know they want to actually charge two different prices for the magazine with a difference of $7.00.  That is a big $7.00 when you don’t have a lot of money.  Do you think they know that is a discrepancy? And the thing is I am a returning customer if I renew my subscription.  I would think I would get the lower price.  But it is the opposite.  So it is an interesting happenstance.  I like the magazine though. And I can’t get to the online to go through it well.  My computer freezes in there.  Can’t figure it out.  So I don’t go on very much. It also might be you have to pay for it.  But with this subscription you get that as well.  I like the articles and the interviews.  They have good ideas for new writers and they also have good conference information as well.    So hopefully, I can use it better this year this magazine.  I am hopeful.
I have to make some telephone calls as I have said.  I haven’t made them yet.   That is the problem.  So I do intend to make them.  I am going to walk if it stays this way. It is snowing but not bad.  I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!  WHERE ARE THE HOPES- THE DREAMS-I SWEAR TO GOD! CAN WE HAVE SPRING Please!  And you know what God said:  HA HA! Just because you’re you I am giving you count them SIX more weeks of winter.  JINX!  And you thought  that the people didn’t know. 
  For those in the know:  February is Valentine’s Day; King of Hearts Pageant; The Step Show and sometimes the play for the school.  It is also Black History Month.  So in keeping with that for:
VALENTINE’S DAY- For those of us not in happy coupledom, there is the Lonely Hearts Dinner.  You know the dinner where you eat by yourself.  Some people decide to eat with friends  and commismerate on the sad state of our love lives.  For those of us in happy coupledom- if you get a proposal and you are truly in love- CONGRATS; for those who are starting out and this is their first day- you got a long way to go baby but God willing you will survive and for those of you who are in their for the longhaul- GOD BLESS YOU!  Long live your love. 
King of Hearts Pageant- For those who live in the town of Rahway or near Rahway they have a pageant called King of Hearts.  It is yes- a MALE PAGEANT SHOW!   Anyway, it is a place for the men to showcase their talent and impress judges with their understanding of their lives.  And I don’t remember but they may win scholarship money too.  This year I don’t know if they are having it but if they are, come out and support your menfolk. 
The Step Show- This is a new one for me. But again, it is in the town of Rahway and it is supposed to go forward on Valentines Day.  Here is a unique gift for those who like to dance, step, cheer or just have a good time.  I have seen some of what they do and guys it is good.  So come out and support them. K?
For the school play and Black History Month it is a good time to read, to learn and to get to know people.  So when you see someone, stop say Hi and if you want start a conversation.  You might be suprised what you find out.  I am going to do that this month. 
 They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well guys we see a picture every morning in our mirror. What does that say about us?
 For those in the know:  If you like to read, try this website  I actually have read all the stories on it now and they are good.  Some are short but different.  You might like it.
 So guys, here’s to you and yours having a good day today and a good holiday.
Write ya lata, bebe.

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