GroundHog Day!

  How are you this cold morning?  DO YOU THINK THE GROUND HOG SAW HIS SHADOW?  Well I won’t know until later and then I will pop it into the blog okay. But before I do that I am doing some promoting here.  If you get the chance check out the blog entitled  and let me know what you think. It is mostly stories.  The story to look at is entitled  "The Voyeur Lawyer"  which is a continuing story on the blog. The next installment is due this month.  It should be good hopefully.   So We hope that you like and hit us back with your comments.
  It is bright outside.  Hopefully it will continue to warm up.  I am hopeful. Again won’t know until later.  I am almost finished Grown Folks Business. I have to complete it and I will let you know.
I’ll be back later. Maybe.  Oh and don’t forget to chat…chat….chat. 
 Good Evening.  I didn’t do much today and I should have. It is a problem with me.  I waste a lot of time.  Go figure that out.  And it isn’t a lie.  I can waste more time than anyone I know.  Maybe even you know.  So anyway, I am typing in here and watching a show called Platinum Weddings.  The actual show I was watching went off the air. They are both about weddings.  It must be wedding day on WE Network.
So anyway, I will chat back with ya later. 

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