The Art of Selection! Whose It! Whats It Galore!

Hullo.  I chat back with ya later.
 How are you? The phone rang this morning and the Father didn’t answer it.  So I got upset mostly because he will let the phone ring and say it isn’t for him.  But he gets phone calls here.  So I cursed him out.  And I told him.  Not for any particular reason but because it isn’t hard to answer the phone.  I get in trouble for letting it ring too.  But I am the one people will find fault with and blast until kingdom come for saying anything. I am the enemy.  He isn’t.  I don’t know what he said before but he said it wasn’t a big deal.  But it is if he was upset.  
I hate the feeling they are in my body.  I want the weezies and the jeebies to not be there.  Tummy bumbles. 
So until later, I will chat with you.
Okay so it is 4:51 p.m., in the afternoon.  I am off to the library to drop off a book.   I am also going to see if I can use their computer too.  
So, I am in the mood to listen to music but it bothers me off and on so I mute it.  Kind of defeats the purpose to listen to music.   I will be back.  I am going outside to drop off a book.
I have to I mean have to share this with you.  Ok well you had to be there I can’t share it with you but I did think about you. 
So, I am waiting for what I don’t know?  Knight in shining armour?  A man on the winged horse Pegasus?  Here it is:  I am waiting for what everyone else is waiting for.  A man who cares for me and knows me and puts up with my shit.  But loves me enough to tell me when I am doing the wrong thing in a nice way but gives as good as he gets.  And I am what he wants and thinks about but will not destroy. 
January 30, 2009
 Hi!  Sheepish Grin!  LOL!  I hope you guys are going to have a good day today.  I am hoping to not be seen for the rest of the day.  You know why?   Because then I can think about a story and not get into trouble with my character.  Do you know the last time what happened?  I talk to myself to work out a story.  But this story didn’t pan out.  It wasn’t that it couldn’t be believed but that it was just that cruel.  I don’t think it should be in the story but I might use it anyway.  So in order to avoid that I am not going to do that. I am going to doodle.
So today on the TB show they were talking about bleaching skin.  But you know something, to tell you the truth I didn’t see anything wrong with any of them.  But they all had makeup on I beleive. But its sad.  They had beautiful black women on that stage and they wanted to be lighter. I don’t understand that for them.   For me I do but not for them.  Xcuse Me What THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH THEM- THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I figured it was like a school mate of mine who had the problem of people telling her that she was either inferior or ugly for being who she was and what she looked like.  Hey fellas, seriously that ain’t right for real.  You are all the same even if you think you aren’t.  God made you the same way you are just lighter or darker.  I think that all of us should take a look at ourselves and ask us this question: Who are we?    I am still finding that out.  But I like the show (TB).
 I am a television-holic.  I like to watch television.  So the shows that I watch faithfully are The View (Hot topics), Rachel Ray (recipes) and then I watch General Hospital.  The other shows I watch depend on what is on. I am trying to get into watching is the re-vamped Cold Pizza now First Take.  I hope to do it and help my conversation a lot. 
My back is acting up again.  I have read what they say about back pain and what causes it. I just think I need to watch how I sit, what I do and make sure to do it right.  And hopefully no pain.  So I can get it looked at by dr.
I like the UNITED STATES OF TARA and I like Diary of a Call Girl but I read the book.  (What I try to do is see how close it is to  the novel) The other show I watch is House(medical drama) and Psych( detective drama).  I think they are good shows.
I was on my way out the door this morning and I had made this agreement to not go out after they lock the door.   Bad things happen around the house.  So as I was on my out the door to go somewhere, M1 wakes up and is like you can’t go out the house.   But I was on my way back to two different places.  I ended up not going to not cause any more problems than I already had last night.  
Okay so I had to sign off the chat room.  I was going to switch but I can’t do both.  And people just started to chat.  I think that is very rude and have to stop doing that.  So I am going to today.  But I wanted to finish this first.  
I think I am going to post a photograph soon. But I don’t know if I should.  Then you know what I look like.  Isn’t it much better to not know that information?  Actually it probably isn’t. And the other blogs have photographs.  Mine are ugly well actually not ugly just I don’t like the photographs.   I like the older ones.  I like old things.  Call me crazy.  Anyway, the picture looks like me but it is me fatter.  If you saw the older ones you would see what I mean.  I look the same but I look fatter.  Like I put on some weight.  Like all in the face from stuffing it.  You should see it.  Its hilarious now but when I was going through the fat phase, it was not funny mon.
Here is my mistake and I will only admit this to you once and NEVER I mean NEVER repeat it to you:   I have this habit of getting upset and mouthing off.  What I used to do and still do at times is keep it in and find a way to let it out without saying one word to anybody.  But the problem with that is then I stll angry.  Can’t do that.  So I need to talk to someone about what I am angry about.  What makes me angry is even though I act up and get mad  I AM NOT A CHILD and I hate being treated like one.  You may call me a baby (as an endearment its okay but most people don’t use it in describing certain people) but it isn’t okay to say that and mean it as if you were a child.  Not a good thing.  What also makes me angry is when people talk about me or at me not with me.  I make that distinction all the time.  So anyway, that is my TRUTH FOR THE DAY!  I am adding this section to my blog.  It isn’t much of a truth but it is for me to say and admit.  To those who know why I am saying this- Me hope to have a "real" conversation with you if that time ever arises.
 For those in the know:  it is time for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! and VALENTINES DAY!.   Okay for all of the  LONELY HEARTS out there a good place to go to dinner for VALENTINES DAY if your in the area is are two restaurants Butter (NY)and David Drake (NJ).  Both reasonably expensive but let me tell you the dinner is well worth the price.  And the chefs aren’t bad either- they give you tastes tests.   As for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY I don’t know who I am rooting for but it should hopefully be a fun filled day you spend with your family and friends.  Take some time out, have a blast, have a conversation but most of all enjoy the PRICELESS moments.  (cheesy I know but the commercial says it all.)
I am going to chat off for a while.  Talk to you later.

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