January 25, 2009
Good Morning to all those who believe they are the one whose shit is on point!  Folk, I ain’t one of them right now.  I have some things to discuss and some issues to not air out in public.  Mainly I just want to chat.  I have been in that mood all week.  I have to actually start taking people up on their offer to chat.  Except I don’t know what they chat about.  It doesn’t seem to be open for discussion.  Or maybe they just change when they get to where they are going. 
So anyway, it is almost 3:30 p.m., and I am going to take a break and be back later.  Oh and for those who like to chat you might want to watch the language in the chat room it is getting kind of vulgar and evil.  We all have issues with people but if we can speak them without being nasty and evil ( and to those who know they do it this is for you and speaking as one who does it very rarely I just did it recently, don’t do that ) it is better and then we won’t get into trouble and banned from the room. And for those who own the room, try not to act like your the big cheese.  It is unbecoming whether you are a man or a woman. Capice?
I’ll write to you later on in the evening.  And I still haven’t found the website information for the book but when I do I will let you know.
January 26, 2009
Hello! Hope this finds you well.  I saw a man I thought I recognized from a park. I didn’t recognize the woman he was with though.  I think she reminds me of this lady where I temped for like three days.  I already told you what happened so I won’t rehash.  But needless to say I thought of asking if I knew them after I had already walked home.  You would think I would think to ask before I left the building.  No shit Sherlock.  No thought there.  Damn It.  Zip!  So anyway, to the two people from the store, you know who you are if I knew you then sorry didn’t say hi. Don’t hold it against a gal okay? K!
So, I have to go to the hospital and city hall.  Some people were there and I wanted to see them.  If I didn’t have to go then I wouldn’t go but I feel the need to go.  So don’t ask questions I can’t answer because I can’t. 
I feel horrible but not really.  They try to push me to talking to this particular group which wouldn’t be bad except it gets me upset when they do that. I am not taking it to extremes though.  I have decided to take it with equal portions of tolerance.  I know they are like we are only trying to help you out so you aren’t embarrassed or making a fool of yourself.  But the problem with what they were trying to do was that the group they were pushing you too was part and parcel of the problem.  And what I had heard didn’t make me think different either.  I can ask when I see them. Which I don’t see them often.  And I feel bad because it isn’t as if they are bad people.  At least I haven’t heard they beat any body up.  But who knows?  Anyway, this is just an aside to an ongoing conversation I am having with myself and the world at large meaning family group.  So in case you guys are going through the same thing, give a shout out.
I saw Ms. E on the way from the store and she was on her way to the store.  To think, I could have hopped a ride to go there had I waited. 
Damn it, I got the shakes.  
So I really like this blog I read.  It is called Bad Girl’s Guide.  She took a hiatus and is back.  I think you guys would really like her.  I believe I cited her down in the web pages of interest.  I don’t have a following yet, so I can’t tell you who thinks like me.  I don’t think that anyone does if you want the truth.  But I believe that hopefully people will eventually read me and follow me.  I am moving my website however.  I don’t know if I am keeping the same title though.  So once I open up the new web page I will let you know and post it on here.  I think you will be able to use it with any email that you have. 
On a different note, I like to chat.  There are a couple of places that you can chat at.  There is Chatting.com; USACHATNOW! and Black Chat.  There is also Chat Avenue and Voice/Cam Chat.  Any of these can help you hook up with people and you can talk to anyone.  Since I don’t go out much I use this, the chat room as a way of talking to people and getting out.  A good guide to chat room rules can be found at http://www.ukchatterbox.co.uk/article/8.  But most chat rooms come with their own set of rules.  I think they are universal though.  Another guide can be found for those who are inclined to read http://chat.deafqueer.org/rules/index.html.   Something that happens to me a lot is that it says you should ask permission first before you send a private message.  And then start the conversation.  I always get the private message first on some websites and on others they ask first.  So it depends.  But the rule is you are supposed to ask first.  I think we forget that.  Some more places to go for some chat rules which can apply in general but also apply to this particular chat room- this is Chat Avenue:  http://www.chat-avenue.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113309.  It gives you a definition of flooding.  I flood.  So now I know what it means.  Another rules guidelines is http://site.aol.com/community/rules.html.  Here are some from a music chat     room:   http://www.hiphopjazzproduction.com/musicnforumsupport/chathiphoprules.html.   
For those who are interested in video chat here are some rules:  http://www.chatforfree.org/chat-rules.html.  You are probably asking why I am taking the time out to put all of this information in the blog.  I didn’t used to chat.  In fact, I absolutely sucked at chatting in  a chat room.  Basically, I had nothing to say that was interesting to any body in the chat room.  Male or female young or old.  In fact, I would sign on and then nothing. It was a horrible experience for me.  I couldn’t even get through some of the conversation because on the days that I went, it was all about certain topics of conversation.  I was a horrible communicator for certain topics and I swear to God, I kid you not, they were the only things under discussion.  It absolutely sucked.  So now, I try to get a wide knowledge of a variety of stuff.  It helps me out.  Now I am mid-thirties and I find it easier to enter a chat room, follow the conversation and join.  But I still don’t have the conversation that they have when it comes to personal relationships and children. Although I would like to have some one day.  A family too.  A married life.  So I talk about things that I want, things that I know and things I want to learn about.  It helps when they the chatters are in a friendly mood.  When they aren’t it isn’t helpful. 
Here is an article I read about some unwritten rules for chatting http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/the-unwritten-rules-of-uk-chat-rooms-201207.htmln the united kingdom.  This is of interest because a couple of the websites I frequent happen to be from or of the united kindgom.  Did you know some even schedule an appointment to chat.  Have you ever heard of that?  Or maybe it is the adult thing to do no matter where you are.
So I hope that what I gave you is informative and interesting.  I hope it isn’t boring at least.
Also I found some interesting articles on music.  I found them on the www.AllMusic.com website.  You might like it.  I am reading it to get a better understanding of music itself.  I needed to learn the information. 
 For those in the know:  we are in the first 100 days of the presindency of Barack Obama.  Recently I went onto a chat website which is predominantly black or all black.  The website is not for the united states but outside.  However, a lot of people from the united states sign on there.  The reason I am mentioning this is that the whole world is watching this presidency with very discerning eyes.  Some of what was said on that website that night was disturbing to me.  And even though the person who said it stated that they were a white man it could have as easily been someone else.  What I read was very disturbing. So I am asking you to all be careful, listen and keep an eye out.
 For those in the know: I have to go to discuss a topic with someone and I am learning how to broach it.  But hopefully, it will all go well.  I have someone to call before I go and hope that he will help me out.  I don’t know that he will.
 If any of you are like me, I have had problems with my email.  It is kind of working and not working.  The problem is we are getting nasty viruses.  So again be careful.
Until next time, I hope to come back to you intact and awake.  Spaces to Read and Places to Go. 

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