My goal not resolution as it has always been is to meet new people, make new friends, better myself and learn to be a better person.  I have not been a good person at all the last year or so in my own mind.  However, I have learned how to chat in a chat room.  Now the key is to do it in person.  What I found helps out was a suggestion given to me a couple years ago.  When you are going out to take time out and read a newspaper, a magazine or some other form of print material.  Look outside and get a glimpse of what you see.  And then take three to four things or topics to talk about with you to the event that you are going too.  And use them as icebreakers.  Learn a little about sports.  Learn a little about movies or the neighborhood.  Then use those as ice breakers.  They will help you out in your conversation.  And then when you are comfortable, just relax and talk.  Have a drink.  Have a bite to eat and enjoy.
Why am I telling you this in my blog?  I am reminding myself of what I have to do when I go out.  Besides look my best and dress appropriately for the occasion. This or course depends on me actually getting out or getting invited to go places.  And that I can enjoy myself and feel comfortable. 
I have to make my doctors appointments.  You know how we do.  I have to make a regular doctor appointment, my gynecological appointment and my eye doctor appointment.  I am going to see about obtaining the extended overnight wear contacts.  The ones you can wear for thirty days and then throw out.  I think you can get them in a six month supply.  I am hoping I could do that.  I got the daily wear contact lenses.  So I don’t know why I might not be able to get the others.  But my eyesight was stable then.  So we shall see.
I have to go downtown now.  I took a quick wash up. I am going to take a shower later on though because I am hot and cold at the same time.  A bath would be better but I can’t take a bath now.  It is too late in this household where I am at.  I would do it but they don’t like it.  It wouldn’t bother me if I was on my own. But I am not on my own in this house. 
I am scared. I will tell you why.  I don’t mind working in a hospital.  I don’t actually want to be a patient but I may have too.  If I have surgery or something then I spend the night or a couple of days.  I won’t mind because I am getting better but I will mind.  Do you understand?
I have to go now.  I have to go do some stuff.
Until later. 

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