Question cont.

A guy just tried to grope me in the hallway. My friend says he likes me; I think he disrespected me.  Why do guys do that, and what should I do?  Rule 25  Own your body and stand up for your own rights. In  other words, don’t let any man manhandle you, attack you or rape you.   You have the right to defend yourself.  But sometimes, it is better to stay quiet and stay alive.  You make that choice.  If you are pregnant try and make him understand that.  If you have small children near by try and get the children nearby safe or lead them away from your children and either lock the door or barricade it so the children can’t get hurt and reassure them as much as you can keeping in mind they can’t know how terrified you are.  There is a good website on the internet but I have to look it up.  It will help you.   BLUEPRINT:  I will not allow myslef to be inappropriately touched or mistreated by males.

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