Question Cont.

Geez guys sorry but this is a long ass entry.
BLUEPRINT:  I am who I am for a reason.  I don’t have to change to suit anyone’s fancy but my own.
I’m somewhat curious about my boyfriend’s crew.  Should I try to get to know his friends?  Rule 54 Get to know his friends.  Her words say it betst:  if you ever want to know a person what a person is really like, get to know his friends.  Of course, if they are a loner, then you might have to re-evaluate how to do this.  Be creative.  BLUEPRINT:  Getting to know my mate’s friends will help me to learn about him. 
I am still reading Grown Folks Business.  It is good so far.  I like. 
Okay I will be back later on tonight if I still have something to say.   All done for now!

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