What is the most precious gift you can have besides your life?  A friend once told me it was her child.  It is like the song, "Thanks for my Child" and it means that.  This young lady has two beautiful gifts.  The littlest things you ever seen. And then you have her, she is a beautiful smiling child and he is a dynamo wondermo. 
But there is the wicked grandmother who is always in her and their business trying to say I know what is best for you because I am a mother too.  Well being a mother or father too doesn’t help you out in this situation.  The situation I am referring to is the situation with the batterer or the thief or the unemployed.  Any one of these three is not going to be helped much with an "interfering materfamilias" (like the term from a romance).  She, the wicked grandmother took the children from the mother and won’t let her have them back. Why? She says she is unfit to be a mother.  Why?  Because they play games with her and her life meaning her job not her actual life.  They make it hard for her to live and try to take her money as well.  If any of you have been in this situation, you know what I am talking about.  I think how my friend dealt with it was to take or threaten to take her parents to court for custody and then prevent their rights as grandparents to see their grandchildren. And then she threatened them with abuse because I believe there was the claim of abuse.  I don’t know who it was against.  I think she just counterclaimed it.  I believe she now has custody of her children and they have a very tenous relationship meaning, they walk on thin ice and are aware of it.  Food for thought:  if you love your children and you care for your grandchildren would you threaten their parent with the claim of abuse and unfitness if it weren’t true to get their attention or would you do it only if it were true? I bet you there are several people that I know and you know that can fit this bill.
 For those in the know:  cell phone plans are notorious for changing and becoming more or less expensive.  I have been through about  three or four cell phone companies since I got my first cell phone. That is a lot of companies isn’t it?  My problem was money.  I thought they were too expensive.  So now I am looking at the company who has once again come in and merged with the cell phone company I was a party too.  I won’t mention the name because you all know the name. (AT&T) Anyway, I am looking at their plans to see if maybe I will stay this time. But I am still thinking of changing to a different cell phone plan.  I will let you know how it goes.


 For those in the know:  We are watching as history is made and the incoming president is forming his cabinet. We are watching as his wife is find a place for their children. And at the same time we are watching a lame duck president in his final days/months as president. So what do some people do as citizens waiting for the incoming president- they watch, they wait and they listen.  But they also learn.  So learn about your president and his term.


 For those in the know:  I have the shakes now.  I didn’t have them earlier. I complain about them all the time.  But there you have it- I have them again. I don’t like it at all.


Nov. 26

 It’s Noon time and I am currently washing clothes.  I felt like blogging so I started but I do have things to do today so I am going to try and get most of them done.  I have to go check out the laundromat now and I have to catch the bus.  Then I have to go to the store.  I wanted to go back last night. I thought that someone had stayed behind for talking or meeting someone that either they wanted to meet or they wanted to discuss something with like maybe not bothering them or something.  That is the parents or foster parents didn’t want to be bothered.  Possibly the children too. Also, the children maybe wanted to meet someone.  I was curious.  Plus, I didn’t like the idea that maybe they got left behind or couldn’t get home.  Not that I am much help with no transportation.  But it could have helped.  Ihad a friend who lives down the street a ways and possibly a cab driver could have helped out and we could have paid later. 


I have to admit this one thing before I continue:  I either don’t hear you because I am not paying attention and it goes in one ear and out the other due to either your talking to low or my not understanding you or I am completely not paying attention to you.  I think it is more one than the other.  Probably when you think about it, it might be the first not the latter.  But I actually haven’t checked it out much.


I actually don’t have much to say right now.  I’ll be back later possibly. Until then, check ya lata!


We are walking through Shoprite and they are shopping and talking to you and all of a sudden I feel movement in my body and then it sounds like a duck and then it says "I don’t give a shit!".  At first I thought I wouldn’t say that but I would and it would be a lie in some cases and a not a lie in other cases. For some things I would care and for others, I wouldn’t.  Does that make me a bad person?  Probably.  I think that is my cue that what I had stated in a previous blog is the thing to do for me.  And that is probably it no questions, no recriminations and no more hostility but it will be there the hostility.  That is something that I have to work on for the future.  I don’t really believe I said it and I say that because I wasn’t thinking it at the time and I didn’t verbalize it.  But I still heard it.  Does that make any sense at all?  I can’t make excuses because there are none.  I can think of a few but I don’t believe there are none.  So for now, plant a tree on it and bury it while it grows hopefully into something nice. I just have a couple more things to say and then I shut up.  I actually don’t believe I said it because I don’t know what they said. I wasn’t paying attention actually.  Which I don’t pay attention to some things particularly in a store.  I get like tunnel vision or something or other.  But I can’t say I even know what they said because all I heard was the donald duck sounding voice and then the words.  I don’t even know if it was me.  I don’t believe it was me but I can’t say that I wouldn’t use the phrase because I would.  So I guess it would be up to those involved to decide whether or not I actually said it.  I am not saying I didn’t but I don’t believe I did.  And this of course could get me into a shit load of trouble.  And this is how you know I will have no friends, family or other people in my life.  Particularly kids.  And despite what people think I really do like kids.  I also like to send them home when they aren’t mine.   Well, all right, I just had to add that. 


I saw someone I went to church with there.  At least I believe it was her.  This guy told me he bought her an apartment. That was nice of him. I thought he was her husband.  I guess so.


Nov 27

 It is late and I am about to go out.  You ask how late?  Too damn late for you to be up and about if you are reading this blog.  Anyway, you and your husbands, significant others or what’s its are in for a treat this holiday I hear.  Not exactly sure what is happening but you never know.  You can read, relax or watch televison. 


I actually am about to close out this blog and open up a new topic of conversation.  This one here is done for now. Until next time.


If I don’t see you first then maybe I’ll hear you later. 






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