Hey Koala How You? Hope You Doing Good

 Good Afternoon.  Be Back in a little bit.
Nov. 23
Hope your day has been okay.  I am going to type a little and then come back.  I didn’t do much today but read, and watch television.  I do have something to do.  But I didn’t do it yet. I mostly wanted to just discuss a few things and not with myself.  I actually talked to myself a lot today and I really did have someone to talk with today I believe.  Once I found them that is.  (How sad or maybe it is ironic that I can’t find anyone to talk to but can have a conversation with myself.  I think that is sad. But I have or want to go to the store and then downtown to visit.  I tried to call a friend but they weren’t home.  I think that people are going to stop using their answering machines. I have to go and will be back)
I am going out hopefully to talk to someone who has information for me and also who I can actually maybe hang with tonight or someone I could spend the night with possibly.   I don’ t know that many people I could spend the night with and only have done it a couple times.  The problem is my friends have funky hours due to shift scheduling and the ones who I know that I still talk too are very busy.  But I really would like to spend the night elsewhere.  I have enough money to go to three hotels if I choose too and I really do want to go to one.  Just for the night or a whole weekend. A weekend is nice but a house is better or even a condominum or townhouse with people who you like and care about you around you but maybe not in the same room or area.  Or you could hook up with someone, spend the night in relaxation and good conversation.  Who knows?
I think I would drive people insane if they listened to me when I am in the mood to chat and there is no one around. That is the mood I was in today.  I sent off an email and found it to look weird.  Has anyone ever seen an email that has your name example TSMith@smith.com  and it says T-20%SMith@20%.com ?  I probably have but I can’t place it.  I hope the email that I sent off went through.
 For those in the know:  we have some talent here where I am residing.  One of them is involved in movies and televison.  Some are involved in music and a singing career.  Some are involved in business.  The flip side is some are incarcerated and in trouble either legally or non-legally.  I wonder if you can visit them but I don’t think you are allowed unless your family. 
 For those in the know:  I used to love to read romance novels.  So here is a quote for a romance author Barbara Cartland, " A historical romance is the only kind of book where chastity really counts."   I like this quote.  It makes sense. 
Nov. 24
Hello.  Today is a couple days away from Thanksgiving.  I am not sure what I am going to do on Thanksgiving Day.  I am probably doing nothing. I wanted to go out earlier this morning.  But you know what happened? The usual.  I decided to go out, I had my coat ready, had my hot chocolate and then I went to get warmer and came to check outside before I went upstairs, the people in front of the house left and then I went upstairs to get warm before I walked down the street. I am trying to save my money for other thing.  I only have like fifteen dollars.  
So I am going to set up my web page and finish it. Then I am going to try and raise money.  I have to go out to the store and then to somewhere else.  I want to go to a friends house to see if I can wash clothes.  Then I don’t have to pay at a laundry mat.  But I am not sure what will happen.  I  have some plans today but I didn’t do them yet. I have too.
 For those in the know:  I was thinking about crying as I cry an awful lot. Some people cry in relief, some cry in anger and some cry in sadness or happiness or just cry.  I was thinking about how often we cry and how often we do it for anger or sadness or happiness.  Do we even figure that out? I haven’t thought about it actually.
I don’t have much to say.  I hope you enjoy your day.  Bye! 

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