No Idea What This Blog Was to Be About

 But I Wrote It So What’s That Mean?   That I am an Idiot. 
Good Morning.  Where’s a good gynecologist when you need one?  I am no longer seeing my old doctor.  I don’t have the insurance to go to her.  The new job I started will give me benefits in a couple of years or a certain amount of hours.  Anyway, I need to go for a visit. And I have looked at some in those insurance bookle ts they send to you.  I went to college with a young lady who had a problem with her body.  She had to go on the pill and other medication for various reasons.  She never detailed what the problem was but I do admit that I am still curious.  She didn’t trust me to tell me so I didn’t know.  I believe that she graduated with honors.
Again I have the shakes and the nods.  It is annoying.  Sometimes, I don’t have them at all.  I like those times.  It doesn’t happen often.
Nov 19th
Okay you know what I think I will just let the blog be today.  I will be back tomorrow with something more interesting hopefully.
Bye Bye Lady!

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