We just came back from the store and in the store I had some coffee but it was nasty coffee. Folks you all know what a nasty cup of coffee can do to your day much less your psyche? It can destroy you for hours. I couldn’t finish my coffee do you want to know why?  Seriously?  Really?  Truly?  Ok you don’t have to pull my arm I will tell you. I smelled urine and couldn’t finish the coffee. It made me sick to smell it.  Now I am not saying that is what they put in the coffee but you should be careful where you eat and what you eat or drink for that matter.  I have learned to be careful but I still make some mistakes.  Today happened to be a bad coffee day.  And the sad part is-it started out to be a good cup of coffee too.  Is that not the worst? You heard about the kid who ate a roach in his hamburger? Or the person who had the tip of a finger in her chicken? Not to mention the lady who had something unmentionable in her salad (like a tampon or something like that?)  Really, I think we should all be careful.  And then go home and take a nice hot bath, drink a stiff drink and sex like fiends. Well okay, sex like fiends if you have someone but if you don’t then just read a book or something.
 Just so you know  the link I had given you yesterday for the Proposition 8 does not work unless you type it in yourself.  I just thought you should know.
 It is in the evening and today has been a slow day.  I read the paper.  It had some interesting stories.  As an aside, there have been some interesting foreign films on cable lately.  You should check out too:  the first is Sabah and the second I forget the name but it deals with two Israeli girls in the army.  One is captioned the other isn’t.  But both are good. A third is about an American woman who got married and moved to the country of Quatar and converted to being a Muslim.  And lives their with her family.  It also gives you a background into how Muslim girls are raised.
 For those in the know:  I am going to tell you a well known secret about town:  television rots the brain. But you know what else rots the brain? Untruths and lies that we tell ourselves and others.  I was watching the film Liar Liar for the end and (this is my favorite film) and it still amuses me. This is about an attorney who cannot I repeat cannot tell a lie for 24 hours.  Now his whole entire case for a divorcee is based on a lie.  I mean his whole entire case. But he is asked during a meeting and now this is my favorite part:  He tells his boss that she is a stuck up bed-hopping, social climber who is too stupid to know her behind from her head.  Ain’t it great?  Don’t you wish you could tell your boss that sometimes whether or not they were an attorney or something? What would you tell your boss:  I got one:  Mr. So and So- I have something to tell you.  I don’t like you.  You know why? Because I think that you are a pompous, bigheaded, rude and obnoxious bore who thinks that his female and male employees are his property and who thinks that the female ones should have sex with him in his office (only if it is true) and we would like you to just shut the hell up and do your damn job.  Can you do that?  Now you do it.  What would you tell your boss?  Come on.  Tell me a story. 
 They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  How about a gesture?  Or a poem?  Or a song?  If you could tell the person who means the most to you in the whole world what you wanted them to know what would it be?  And how would you tell them?  If you were in a room full of people and you wanted to talk to only them and you were a thousand miles away how would you do it without a cellular phone?  And what would you say (excluding I love you because we know you want to say that; I think most people say that). Just take some time and think about it.  I don’t know what I would say. I still am thinking about it. Like I said, this guy once said to me that you should do something if you care about the person. 
 For those in the know, I have given out some websites at the bottom of my blog.  However, I want you to know that the young lady who I emailed did respond.  For those who don’t know her blog information here it is: http://vixentales.blogspot.com/. Her name on the blog is Vixen.  It is like talking to your older sister or a wiser woman. I think you would like it.  The last date on her blog I have seen is October 25, 2008.  I think she has a second website with the number 2 on the end. But I haven’t been able to find it again. Also, the other website by Vixen is http://theovereducatednympho.com/.  Both of these are good websites.   For those in the know, she is publishing a book soon.  Have a look see.
 I am going back to being a vegetarian.  For those who knew me when I was younger, I was a strict vegetarian for about two years.  Then I relaxed myself. I found a cool website for this: it is called http://www.vegetariantimes.com/. You can also subscribe to the magazine as well.  My diet, I ate salads and pretzels and cookies for lunch. And then I ate vetegables for dinner. No meat and especially no red meat. That meant no hamburgers and for someone who loves McDonalds you have no idea how hard that was.  Even the chicken nuggets went down the wayside. No fast food unless it was a salad.  Then I went back to eating red meat. I have to share though, I believe I was much healthier than I am now or was a year ago.  
 For those in the know: we including me want to go somewhere where we are comfortable and where we can go home to a place of safety and comfort.  Where we can be with our friends and families without fear of being hurt.  If it is in a compound or in an alcove we wouldn’t care as long as we had each other.  Okay, sappy, sniff, sniff I know.  I am in that type of mood.  Excuse me for a minute.
I don’t have much to say so no yapping today.  But Be Good, Be Clean and Be Safe.  And enjoy the rest of your evening ladies and gentlemen.  Do not do anything you won’t remember in the morning and don’t do anything you might regret later.
We say: Catch ya lata bebe!

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