Who’d Have Thunk It Huh?!

 Good Afternoon.  I am here on the 15th of November writing in the blog.  I like to blog.  Who’d have thunk it huh?  I am going to chat a little bit about some things that I have read or done today later on.  But for now I wanted to share this with you:  Have you ever gone to a store where they have little tidbits for you to try when you are really hungry? I do it all the time when I am hungry, I go eat what they have out.  The last time I ate I had like fish and potatoes.  It was okay but not great.  I like a different type of fish seasoning I think.  It tasted bad the fish but mostly because what it was cooked in.  It has to be bland so that people don’t get sick from it. 
I’ll be back to chat later.  Smooches!
Back at you late in the day and  message:  the paper is full of Obama today.  That is the online paper I was reading. They are interested in what his presidency will be like. I can’t tell you that yet but I can tell you what they say. Okay so now we know he is picking his cabinet for the next four years.  He is also trying to find a school for his two children who are both under the age of 13.  That means that their formative years will be spent in the White House.  The years that they are most impressionable will be spent in the White House. They are making a big deal about the dog that they were promised by their father.  (Not that it’s important but I want a kitten.  We have a lot of kittens around the house lately. This morning, one was casing a squirrel.) So every talk show is discussing the dog.  I am not sure why they are discussing it but some groups are using it as a platform for what type of president he will make.  I don’t remember much of what I read today.  I would talk more but I can’t.  It was one of those went in one-eye-and-out-the-other-eye-days.
I have been watching an old television show.  ( I told you that tv would pop up eventually. I am a tv-a-holic.)  Anyway this movie is called Lambada and remember Ozone, he is in the movie.  This is the Latin Dance based on the Forbidden Dance which is a separate movie all together.  I have seen both movies but didn’t like either one much.  I did like the Forbidden Dance more.  The ballroom dancers that were in their weren’t half bad.  As an aside, if you want an easy class that gives you exercise, take Social Dance if they have it. It is a good way to exercise.
Note, I was talking earlier to myself about marriage proposals. Not that I have gotten any ( ok I got one but we are not talking about me) and how people react to them.  When I got mine and I am not sure I should tell you about this but I actually asked my parents if men asked as a joke. First off, let me give you the background, I didn’t meet him, I didn’t know him and he was a white man.  I don’t have anything against white men but I couldn’t and still can’t see myself married to one.  But you know how things change as you get older. So anyway, I turned him down. But a lady I worked with, she was asked to get married after three days of knowing him.  ( I don’t know if this is a true story but I like the romanticism of the idea.)  And when I knew them in 1992 they were still married.  I am dating myself sorry.  You have seen the television shows about marriage and proposals. What do you think?  Do you think that a proposal via computer is good enough?  If you love the person maybe.  Would you rather have it in person?  Or would you like it to be given to you with the person there but in front of a classroom or on televison?  What do we as men and women consider appropriate?  I am not sure.
For those in the know:  I went in the chat room that I like ( and it has taken me a while to find one that I like.  That is why I am unhappy that I can’t go back there as much as I like.  The last time I went the young kid I was talking to asked me to leave.  Could you believe it?  I switched rooms and then left the website. But I still couldn’t believe he asked me to leave the website.  I don’t think you are allowed to do that. Plus I get asked to do that a lot- leave places now as if I am an enemy or a hindrance or I can’t think of the word.  I guess what I am trying to say is I was unhappy because I could actually have a conversation that I liked for the first time in a chat room and to be asked to leave to me was not right.  I am not hurting them or misleading them in any way as far as I can see.  I wasn’t trying to date them or talk to them or persaude then in any way. I guess I was just hurt.); I was offered a plane   ticket to go to Texas.  First it was a ticket to England.  Then it was a ticket to Texas and I think somewhere in there was another country all together.   So when I actually try to see if the guy is serious he is like I was kidding.  But seriously how many people offer you a plane ticket with no strings attached.  And should we take the chance? This is going into the conversation how much do we know about our safety and who we are talking too?  How many men and women and children have died by doing exactly what I was thinking about doing and I am older than they are. But I would have done it with someone else coming with me not by myself.  I am a stupid b—- aren’t I?  That is why they have the Elizabeth Smart laws and the Amber Alert for when something like that happens either voluntarily or involuntarily. 
For those in the know:  this is my last entry before the poetry corner and the end of this particular entry.  For those in the know we all watch surgery shows right?  I was watching this show where this guy was getting surgery on his stomach and body for excess fat. The nasty part about it was seeing all the excess skin left after he pulled off the fat and then to watch him cut off the fat makes you want to puke.
I recently saw a new webpage which I am going to mention in here.  The web page is http://slit.livejournal.com which is an Open Letter to White Activists.  I think is is an interesting read.  For those in the know I did ask my question about mentioning other blogs in here and what the author of her webpage said was that:
Hey Nicole,

It’s just good blog etiquette to link back to the blogger you are quoting. You can copy and paste as much as you want, but always link back to the real author’s blog, inserting their name and URL. It’s kinda like a reference page for school…always linking back to the original author. (This is a quote from my email  that she sent me.)  So it makes sense to do that. 

So when you read this letter what I am asking you to do is three things: 
1.  Read with an open mind
2.  Read with an eye towards your own particular life and how you see relations in America and
3.  Read with an eye towards how we ourselves see what happens around us. 
I am going to include a portion of it for you to read and then you can decide if you want to go further.  Maybe we will see how we think alike or different.  I will tell you when I read it, I thought it was an interesting read particularly in that it discusses race relations with African American women who are unwed mothers and also people who are gay. Keep in mind that I believe this is how Prop 8 affects people in the area it got passed in.
"Open letter to white activists.  
I find it curious that African-American women are all lazy unwed welfare-cheating baby-making machines and African-American men are all violent drug-abusing absentee fathers RIGHT UNTIL they are standing in the way of gay rights, at which point they become socially conservative homophobes who can’t see past their religious family values. If you’re going to scapegoat people of color for all the world’s problems, at least make your stereotypes consistent, ya know? C’mon."
see link
Proposition 8 was a California State ballot proposition that amended the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman. It overrode a recent California Supreme Court decision that had recognized same-sex marriage in California as a fundamental right. The official ballot title language for Proposition 8 is "Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry." The entirety of the text to be added to the constitution was: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."
So okay, when you get the chance please read both Proposition 8 and this Open Letter together.  I think you may end up having one hell of a conversation.  My take on same sex marriage is if you want to get married to the same sex that is your perogative but please do not beat me over the head with it.  I am not going to tell you what you can’t do with your partner in your own home in your own bedroom; just in mine.  So for what it is worth ( and that may not be one hell of a lot) if you are happy in a same sex relationship then go with it.  But don’t mistake this letter as anything other than a tool to be used to find out which side you are on.  And then go for it with gusto. (Plus, there is a lot more to the letter than that. So read on as reading is fundamental)


Poetry Corner (Dude man this is so appropriate for an earlier conversation we just had)
post deleted by author nth 11/14/2010
p177 Selected Poems of Langston Hughes


Until next time:   Stay Cool and Stay dry.  Eat healthy and talk much (But don’t talk too much I should listen to myself) and I will chat with you guys tomorrow.  Lata!






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