Does it Make Any Sense to Be Questioning What You Do?

Nov. 13th
 I get up this morning and I get blasted while having my coffee. Well, not blasted but I get talked to about the milk. Sure you say, that is a little thing.  But it is a little thing that adds up to a big thing.  In fact, I have a lot of little things that add up to big things.  M is "gossiping" about someone or other.  I don’t think it is gossip but I am not listening to their conversation.  I have to go out to downtown later. 
Okay so, I will be back later with an update on the day. Hopefully, you will have good things to hear.  But before I go, I am going to step into my Poetry Corner and give you a reading.  Here is this mornings poem:
post deleted from blog by author.  May be found on p59 of Langston Hughes book listed on front f web page. 
The other poem I will put in later in the Poetry Corner.  It is called Ballad of the Fortune Teller.  I think is it a nice poem.  I hope you like the selections a little or at least they make you interested in reading.  I like to read and I like to write. I also love to watch television too.  So if you start getting televison movies (which is what a lot of it is, movies and reality television shows off of the Learning Network and other educational channels, you won’t get too mad.) And if you start reading about General Hospital, you know that I will tell you what I know about the soap opera. Currently they are dealing with the baby story line from Robin. She is the character with HIV and she got it from her dead boyfriend. I hope to speak to you later.
Oh one more thing:  for those in the know, I haven’t chatted in a couple of days but the last time I went into the chat room they had an interesting conversation that I want to relate to you. For those who are in a bad situation, whether you are a man or a woman you have options and don’t have stay in it.  I should be one to take my own advice but I haven’t been good at doing that.  I hope you do take that advice and get help. 
Until later on this evening:  Stay cool  and stay fed!   But always remember‘s awasting. Use it wisely.  (I forget this all the time!  And I pay for it all the time. Hopefully you won’t!)
Nov. 14th
Good Morning.  I am ready to write and chat for a little while.  Although I didn’t want to yesterday.  I did find another two poems to give to you from the poetry corner.  I will read them to you now:
Poetry Corner
Balland of the Fortune Teller
post deleted by author.   May be found on p 144 of book listed on front of web page.  11/14/2010
The other poem that I like is the following:
post deleted by author of web page. Can be found in listed book.  11/14/2010
Okay, so I didn’t do much today. I went to the bank which I am now going back too.  I have to cash a check.  I also have to find out information regarding people like their names, dates of birth, information like that. Personal information.  I need to know it.  Also I need to have some conversation.  About anything really.  Because I haven’t worked I don’t have any funny stories. And the people who live around me are pretty quiet and working.  Although we have had some excitement off and on bt not a lot. 
I have to also go to talk to someone about other information that I need.  Which rolls right into what I wanted to blog about next.
For those in the know:  we all go through periods of trying to better ourselves. I have been doing that continuosly over the last couple of years and still find things out about myself that I don’t like at all. For instance, I had become a whining, simpering, baby who couldn’t do things for herself or help herself out.  I have gotten a little better than I was but even before that I had that problem. It just had worsened over the years.  So I now have to work on that a lot more than I have. I have started watching ESPN again. Where I lived before I watched Cold Pizza.  Now I watch the revamped show First Take. They have new anchors it appears.  I actually liked Cold Pizza better.  They changed the show though so you can’t get it anymore. 
So, a friend/acquaintance of mine lent me this book to read.  It is entitled Life Lessons for My Black Girls: How to Make Wise Choices and Live a Life You Love! by Natasha Munson.  I am sure you have read her books before.  I think she gives good advice to anyone.  It is like talking to your sister.  Although I do not know that sisters would give you the same advice.  The information that I want to give you is more about what helped me throught then what will help you through.  You are totally different than me and probably don’t have the same issues as me. Or maybe you do; but in any case, I wanted to share this with you; because her book, along with  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Oprah Winfrey’s Magazines Aha! "  Moments and other various things that I have read have helped me obtain a clearer view of who I am, who I was and who I want to be in the future.  So keeping that in mind I wanted to share with you some things from her book that I think will help you.  I will quote the page number too so that if you want to look at it you can. And if you want to purchase it, I believe you can go to any bookstore or any library. You  can also check out her webpage as well. 
This one chapter is called "Know Who You Are".  In the beginning she has a poem which basically tells you to figure out who you are and who you want to be.  She says, and I quote, " OUr situations and expeirences define who we are.  They define the way we feel, the way we react, what we want and how we live. This is your foundation of beliefs, values and culmination of experiences that will guide you in life." p26.  I actually agree with this very much. My experiences are different than yours are.  I may have had a motor vehicle accident and therefore can’t walk, or I may have had a nervous breakdown and therefore was on medication which I go off and on or I may have had a death in the family that traumatized me.  But I walked through it with prayer and by reading; not so much talking about it.  But now I want to talk about some of the experiences to help further that understanding and learning experience.  So hopefully, I will be able to do that.  
This goes along with another book I read about helping you out entitled What’s REALLY Holding You Back? by Valorie Burton.  This is found on p50 and the chapter is called "Are You Treating the Sympton or the Problem? Pinpoint the Source of Your Challenges."  Her advice is simple:  Focus Your Thoughts, Use Your Words Wisely, Target Your Actions and Energize Your Spirit.  I find that it sounds easy to do but it isn’t.  It is like writing an Affirmation Journal (which I tried and had the hardest time because I couldn’t think of anything good about myself that I wanted to toot about)  So it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and even though I continue to do it, I do feel that sometimes it goes right down the drain and I have to start over again. But I do it because it helps me out and it helps me to be a better person.  So I hope that if you are having trouble you will also read some of these books. These books were given to me by people who either knew the author, were in a similar situation or just thought that I needed to read something to help me out. And it did.  So if they are reading this web page, I just thought I would say the books helped me out.  Thanks. (And I can tell you that sometimes saying thanks for some may not be appropriate but it did help me out so I am thanking you for thinking of me and my situation and treating me with an inkling of understanding.)
For those in the know:  I am a newshead I call myself.  Although I haven’t been following it very much particularly one of my favorite subjects-politics.  But I was  hoping to share some of that with you today.
Nov. 15th
 Good Morning.  I shouldn’t be on this early but I am. I have somewhere I would like to go and I need to go there soon. But I haven’t left the house yet.  So back to my last topic of yesterday.  The news.  I actually like reading different newspapers for stories.  I used to look at about 5 or 6 different papers.  I once heard a radio disc jockey say she looked at 9.  I am not in that number.  You ask why read so many different papers for the same news? I actually look at the news for each state it’s in if it is a different state; otherwise I look at the writing style they use and the information they give.  Sometimes you get different information. Not all the time, but sometimes you do.  Still, you can and do get bored.  You just have to do what feels right for you. 
Anyway as I stated earlier, I like reading the newsmagazine "The Root". I especially like their blogs about different parts of the news. I havene’t read it today but I will let you know later on what I see that is interesting.
If you keep following the picking of the cabinet and see an interesting tidbit let me know.
 See next journal entry:  until later.

One thought on “Does it Make Any Sense to Be Questioning What You Do?

  1. Nicole says:

    Sorry I want to just add that I am not stating that people didn\’t help me or didn\’t care; they did.  They just did it in certain ways and I didn\’t thank them at the time so I am taking the time out to thank the ones I didn\’t get a chance too.  K? 

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