Today I helped rake the leaves outside the front of the house.  (I have the shakes.  It bothers me.  I won’t mention it for the rest of the day)  So I raked the leaves but I have to finish tomorrow. I want to go back outside for some time away from where I reside.   This is why I need more friends. I started hoping for responses to the page but none yet.  I hope to have some.
I actually don’t have much to say tonight.  I didn’t watch a lot of television.  I didn’t read alot although I did read the newspaper.  I didn’t talk to a lot of people although I did talk a little  I saw a cat try to eat a leaf.  Not sure if this is normal behavior or not.  I think the lady across the street wasn’t very nice.  She said and that’s a woman or something in response to what the other lady said.  Not sure what their conversation was. I don’t believe it was complimentary but I could be wrong.   I was eavesdropping on a private conversation because I could hear that part.  Not a good thing to do. Don’t do it.
So okay, I really have nothing much to say.  I want to give you another poem though.  I read this one today. This is another Langston Hughes poem.  The name of this one is: 
 Troubled Woman 
post deleted by author.  look for poem p77.  Langston Hughes listed on front of web page 11/14/2010
I found another one that you might like as well.  And then I will table this conversation for another day.  The name of this poem is: okay I can’t decide which one.  I have a lot of poems marked.  But I will give it to you later.
Until the next time:   well and  your loved ones and  long and hard.   Ciao!

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