Get Off of Your High Horse and Get Down and Dirty With Me: Let’s Have A Chat!

They had a belated birthday dinner for my F.  He is old now. Two family friends of theirs came over though truth to be told, I don’t know if you called them friends.  They seem to be friends and like each other.  I don’t believe they talk bad about the family.  But I don’t know them outside of seeing them when they are here and church.  Do you think that they were uncomfortable because she seemed to be. But she sat correctly.  And I told her about J’s show.  I think she already watches it.  She said she doesn’t.  I think she felt that they were friends.  I guess because they come over and they chat but I don’t know if I called them friends.   You know I heard someone had repeated that (Congratulations were in order. For what?  It was just a birthday. I guess you can congratulate that if you want. I think Congratulations are for marriage or something like having a baby.  Not sure about that.)
  Politics-2008 plus four
I have been following politics since the election is over. He has chosen two cabinet positions- Chief of Staff (Rahm Emanuel) and White House Counsel (Gibbs).  He is still choosing his cabinet. I keep watching to see what he does and who he picks. I watched the last speech that he had given.  He cut off the questions. 
The questions that I read and hear now go more to how people feel their next four years will be.  Do you think that his presidency will be considered solely as his reaction to the situation as a black man or they will see beyond the color and see him as a president? 
If in four years as she has suggested Ms. Palin runs again do you think:  a-she should run? b-run for vice president? c-run for president?
  Monday Blues
 Okay, so it is Monday. The kiddies are back in school.  That means some of you aren’t supposed to be here reading this blog.  So go to school and learn so they can’t take away your life. 
For the others, I have a question for you to answer:  Do you want to be controlled by another? Because I do not.  I don’t want them telling me what to do and where to go.  I don’t want them trying to run my life either.
 For those in the know: I was watching this television show ( I am a tv-aholoic.  I watch way too much television.)  I don’t want to live with my father for the rest of my life either nor my mother.  Does anyone?  Unless they are sick?  This story had this young lady, she was taking care of her family. I think it was on the Learning Channel or something.  And she felt that her life was taking a turn for the better.  But her problem was that she couldn’t dress for her age appropriately.  So this was her show where they told her how to dress.  First off, they throw out the clothes in your closet. How many men and women would be like, no, uh-uh you can’t throw that out. Well you have no choice with this television show.  So by the end of the television show she has a nice wardrobe. While this is a nice tv show I like the one with Finola Hughes better.  It comes on Style television.  I don’t watch it like I used too.  They redo your outfit by giving you a collection and re-doing your makeup and your hair.  You could actually get a nice cut that way.  (I don’t like getting my hair cut and I do want a new hairstyle that is short.)
  I will tell you a dream that I have. That I am a mother. (It’s a dream that I have because I would like to experience child birth and the whole nine months thing.  It would be a nice thing to see a baby that you created and everything). We all have that dream.  You know the one where we raise our child and give them a good background and have them do right.  We have them go to school in a private school and we give them a good college education. They are hopefully raised by two parents in the same household and not two separate households.  But that is the norm more than not.  I think we see it way to often.  There are a couple of woman that I admire. So I think I will take this time in here to let you know of one man and one woman that I admire for raising their children by themselves or with their spouses. 
One, I will call her Nakia (no relation and not her real name, I just happen to like it) she is a single mother.  I knew her when I went to highschool. She had gotten in trouble with her boyfriend prior to finding out she was pregnant. He didn’t want to admit the baby was his. So she threatened to take him to court for paternity.  I think after that, he had the blood test, found out it was indeed his child and he had to support the baby. She wanted him to want to support the baby not do it because he had too.  But she needed the money. She continued to go to school and graduated high school.  I saw her recently a couple of months or years ago, (probably years ago) and I saw her child.  She is about 15 or 16 years old now.  I think most of the kids that had kids have teenagers now that I went to school with. Anyway, she looks just like her mother and is a beautiful young lady. She is polite and smart and she listens to her adult peers.  She went to college I believe while raising her child.  I was out of touch with her for that period of time.  But the reason I am telling you this is that I find it amazing that as my cousins have done, (worked three jobs and raised a child and now has another one although I believe she is married now and has been for a while) that you manage a child and a career without losing your mind. We read and hear about men not wanting to admit they have a child.  We hear and read about women threatening legal action for that.  I believe that I know more women who have been in that situation then I know men.  And I question how we as members of the community can’t get together and somehow devise a program that enables us to prevent that from happening.  We have TAPP, we have the programs run by the schools and the NAACP.  The ideas of the programs is to educate the young adults in the county about responsibility and how they can have a safe sexual experience if they want. Also how to survive in a world where they may not have two parent households.  Also, how to act in a manner that is appropriate for the occasion and how to dress.  But what about some other type of program.  This is a shout out to all who are reading this blog (if you read it) to send back any and all programs that you have or know of to help young people, black or white or whatever their race have a good life in today’s society.
For those in the know:  I have the twitches and the shakes today.  I was hoping  for a good day but that is neither here nor there. You don’t care about that.  Here is a pearl I recently read:  "History is not a procession of illustrious people.  It’s about what happens to a people.  Millions of anonymous people is what history is about."  James Baldwin.   
Another quote: " There’s no labor a man can do that’s undignified, if he does it right." Bill Cosby said that.  I ask you a question: do you think there is something that is undignified to do?  There are some jobs that no matter what I cannot do.  One of which makes me ill to smell it in the evening. So I could do it probably, but the question is, do I want to? No way do I want to.  But drop me a line and let me know.
Another quote: "Life will frequently languish, even in the hands of the busy, if they have no, some employment subsidiary to that which forms their main pursuit." Blair   To me when I read that quote it means keep busy and work. 
 For those who know: I just got off the telephone with the cell phone company.  Do you know they cancelled my account because it wasn’t paid for a month.  I was highly upset because I didn’t know they could do that. Can you believe?  Now I may have to get a new number. I am probably going to a different company.  I don’t stay with AT&T they are way too expensive.  I leave every time they take over a company.  Do you think they know that? Probably.  Maybe i stay this time if the plan is good.  I actually thought of Verizon but I can’t get the same deal they have.  So if any of you have problems with cell phones let me know what they are. 
Yeah I know I am asking for comments. AS long as you don’t leave any nasty comments on here then we can have a conversation. So please do not leave anything nasty on here so that we may converse or talk whatever.  I really do need people to talk to and have a conversation with.  I would appreciate it what you have to say.
 Until next time:  Same bat channel but different bat time.
P.S. Please don’t wear blue eye shadow.  It isn’t good to wear unless it is for effect.

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