Oh My God! He Won! We Have A Black President!

 HOLY SHIT!!! Okay, so now we have a black president and his name is Barack Obama.  He is the man who has made history in front of millions of people inside and outside the United States of America.  I didn’t watch.  I didn’t want to see him possibly lose. But in reality, he actually won by about 100 votes or more. Can you believe that?  I seriously think that McCain’s problem was his choice for Vice President  Sarah Palin  from Alaska.  No one and I do mean no one understood that choice.  They thought she was ill equipped to become president in the event that he died. Despite the fact that she is supposed to be governor of a key state for federal government issues, it didn’t seem to help her much. I think also some people just questioned whether or nor he wanted it very much.  Although that is something you will not hear from anyone’s mouth.  So I just said it.  If he couldn’t find a vp choice that he liked in his own party then why not pick someone else and see if they wanted it instead.  Although they seemed to do well together.   But I am not complaining about the outcome of it. I  am happy with Obama winning.  Now, we wait until the four years are over to see what he does.  And you can rest assured all eyes are on America as they always are.
 So it is 8:38 (for real!) in the morning.  The clocks are all set for the real time.  And I am up on my laptop trying to decide what to do for the day.  I did celebrate my birthday yesterday. (Please don’t publicize that I did) and I had cupcakes for my cake, missed another election party at a church and had someone over for dinner.  He bought me a card and some books to help me write.   You’re asking why not publicize it right?  You know what- let’s just say that I felt it better that we all  (even though we all would anyway) pay attention to the election.  I think my friend was upset yesterday. I am going to ask today.  She wasn’t very happy.  I think they took her away or said something that she wasn’t happy with to her.  I would ask but she just walked out the door.
Okay so this morning I have several names repeating in my head:  a, d and just this morning they are talking about kl and she pops up in my head. They asked if she was here.  I am not paying attention and just talking and here I go with my two cents:  ‘yes she is’ but not meaning her in particular but they don’t know that.  They think that she is who I am talking about.  I am not but I am just talking.  I don’t know why she would pop up though.  I am not even thinking nor talking about her.  Go figure that out.  They apparently are.  Maybe they wanted to talk to her or they were dealing with her.  I can’t figure that out.
So I am going to put you in the loop:
 For those in the know:  I have to decide what to do about work. They would like me to go back to school.  I don’t want to substitute teach. Truth is, I absolutely suck at it, but it is an easy way to make money.  The problem is that I subbed last year and it was horrible for me in some ways and other ways it wasn’t horrible.  What made it horrible was that I couldn’t actually enjoy it so much.  And I had no control whatsoever.  I wanted to sub for pre-school through elementary this year.  They want me to do middle school or highschool age children.  Not exactly sure why.  I think they need someone who is more equipped to handle them and their questions about things. Although I didn’t do so bad.  So despite that I would like to continue to temp (time is important.  I can do it.  I did do it. I can’t be late and I can’t be early.  I have to be right on time.  I am not sure why that is important to be on time rather than early.  I know why you can’t be late.  But why can’t you be early? Not an hour early just like ten, five minutes early. I don’t believe they would mind that.  I think they would mind a half hour too.  Just ten minutes early.  But not an hour early or late even one minute.)
 For those in the know:  I was re-hashing some things.  As an aside I think I made her mad.  I think she was cursing earlier. Or maybe it wasn’t her.  I thought I heard someone say and excuse the language it isn’t mine although I use the words-g-t-f-o-o-m-l to someone.  Not sure why.  Do you know I think that my ex-co-workers husband looks like this kid who lived around the corner. Not his older brother but just like him a little.  I believe the guy is too old for his age.  But they have a beautiful family picture though.  So anyway, back to the re-hashing- I wanted to actually save money to pay off my bills and to start saving for an apartment and to start to pay rent.  I wanted to also obtain a credit card too.  I still don’t have one. Do you know what it is like to not have a credit card?  Plastic- where’s my plastic?


 Yesterday I had walked the guy who came over to his car.  He ate dinner with us at the house.  So I walked him outside and we chatted and then he left.  I walked back in and she says you should have covered up. I said why, it isn’t raining? She said it is, you should have covered up.  You know if it was it was that fine rain that destroys your hair like you wouldn’t believe.  I want to start trying to do my hair naturally without a perm. But the place that does that when I went with Y is in NY.  Can’t go there.  I don’t know if there is a place in NJ. There is the place downtown and maybe where it is on another street.  Not sure.


I have no car right now.  I had  rental but not working, I can’t use it.  I hopefully will be able to purchase a nice car.  New would be nice but it would be used either way I look at it. The reason is, you can buy a demo with less than I think it is 3000 or 5000 miles on it.  And purchase it for under $5000.00.  So we shall see what happens. 


 Okay, so I would call up people to discuss the election, but they all have jobs.  And if they don’t have jobs, then they have places to be.  The place that I am looking to be requires me to take money out of the bank account.  I think I can do that now. I had to wait I believe two days before I could take money out of the account. As an aside, and I hope I do not regret putting this in my blog, I could have sworn I saw JL in the car next to us.  Can you believe?  I saw other people but just not in the car next to us.  Figure that out.  Back to the bank account, I had to wait until it cleared because I entered it as a check. I think you might be able to take money out.  I was supposed to do it as cash.  I didn’t even think about it.  I should have because I and other people needed money to be taken out. But I can only take out enough to use for transportation.  I have to eat either here or not eat. Can’t buy extra food unless someone spots me.   So I can’t call anyone, I don’t have a specific place to be except that I would like to be somewhere else.  I am not happy that I was fired.  I think that was wrong of him but as far as I know, he complained alot because on Monday he got it from his own father or from my boss.  Not sure who.  I wouldn’t want to work for someone like that. I have been someone who complained a-lot about someone I worked with; it ain’t easy working with someone like that. You just want to go, please shut the h— up. And since I had been told that, I can’t have much sympathy for him actually.  But since it was my job on the line and my ass on the line, I sympathized completely with me.  I did learn a little about what they do. Although I think you need like a whole damn year to get it right.  They don’t seem to have any records there.  Legal records that is. I don’t know where they keep them either.  How do you have a legal file that you can’t look at? They had the files next to her? They can’t be all the papers with the legal files and if they are, then that is pretty damn good cause I know the files at the insurance company, got big sometimes.  And we sent the records out in the first place. 


 Okay- so I am not going to write a book yet. Maybe in the next entry. No seriously, I am not going to bore you to tears today. I will chat with you later. 



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