Damn People!

Okay-so this week has not been bad as weeks go. I think the hard thing about temping will be that you are not there for the duration and have to quickly get used to new situations.  it will show how flexible you are or are not.  I am flexible but not that flexible. I think that my problem on short term assignments will be people and their attitudes.  okay so the guy who works next door walks in and says "if you want respect,–"; and the other guy who works there calls up people and tells them, "they are not –" and then the other they wonder what you think about them.  Let me see- what do I think about the people that I currently work with? Well they are not nice at times, they are extremely rude and disrespectful at all times and don’t seem to think that is not the right way to be.  This is not everybody.  THey speak slang and don’t think that it is not for them to say, case in point one guy says "yo’ and dog"  coming from him it sounds forced and so not natural.  he really shouldn’t do it.  i am sure that he knows that i think he is trying to be cool or something.  it fails drastically.  The other guy i don’t know him. he is rude too.  he sounds real sweet like a effeminate gay guy. i believe he is married. they got cute kids in the office.  i see their pictures.  i haven’t met the owner yet.  i don’t think he much likes me either.  come to think of it, i don’t think the whole office likes me much. but since i was there for only two weeks i don’t know why they wouldn’t like me much. they won’t see me after next friday. sometimes i think it might be monday.  i have to decide whether or not i am asking to be taken off the assignment.  that gives them until thursday, well actually i should work out the week then.  no point for two days to not come in.  The problem is for me is that I want to work and make money to help support myself.  And I don’t want to be a burden any longer.  and I want to support my family.  Also, despite what people think about me I do like to work. I just really like to be comfortable where I work.  When i am not it makes it very hard for me to work there.  and most jobs believe or not are not going to make you comfortable because it isn’t your home.  Some people get lucky.  Some people don’t. I haven’t been that lucky yet.  I hope to one day be.
okay so i woke up this morning to someone talking in my ear.  i think they were having a conversation with someone.  i hope it wasn’t me cuz i told them to shut up.  they had woken me up.  i didn’t catch a name and i wasn’t very pleaseant.  they are like talking into a microphone or something it seems like because they are loud but this time it wasnt’ so loud. but loud enough that it had to be like a microphone or a speaker or a phone or something.  or just sound like one.
now e- is mad at me i think.  i had picked up the phone but since she started talking i didn’t want to hang it up and have her miss something.  so  i left it off the hook.  i think it was ncnw business.  alhtogh i have a "real" card now, it isn’t paper thin it is more like paper cardboard.  and it isn’t an associate.  so now i was made an official member not an associate. 
my life has gone down the tubes. it pisses me off each time i get something good then it goes to hell.  i don’t understand that.  do you know a lady who worked at this company her name was tish. like this lady who went to college with another lady i know.  i dont believe it is the same woman though.  might be.  then there is the file for tt which i call temper tantrum. i like that nick name.  or it could be any number of names. 
okay-so back to work.  I have actually gotten the handle of transferring calls now.  I have to leave them up on the phone though.  I think that might be how it is supposed to look but one day I had gotten a lot of calls (in case you didn’t know i temped as a receptionist) and the phone calls all dropped.  so this guy decides to tell me how to do it again.  i  tried to explain but all he wanted was you to "listen to me". I had a call for the owner, a call from osha or a contractor and someone else on the phone. when a third person called the phone lines dropped.  i don’t believe i hung up but i wouldn’t say i didn’t so i haven’t.  i didn’t pick them up again. i htink they got disconnected. 
my birthday is in three days not counting today.  as i said i am waiting until the election results are in. my b-day is on election day like every other year i think when it comes to the presidential election.  i missed out on the first clinton four because i had just turned 18.  and i was going to sit out obama as well. mostly because i haven’t followed anything that much but i do beleive from what i have seen it is going to be a good president.  so i want to go out in the evening but preferably do it in the morning. i dont want it in the evening if i can avoid it. the place i am thinking of checking out looks busy.  and they take walk ins.  i hope they are clean though.
okay back to work- the one guy talks about no one it seems.  he comes in, does his work and leaves.  the other guy i am not so sure about.  he seems to be okay i guess.  the one lady who is the office manager has a good handle on things.  the one lady went on vacation or went to work at home. she reminds me of this lady who used to work at an office.  do you think they would be related?  i don’t know.
okay so i am not a microphone.  i am not calling anyone a microphone.  sometimes i feel like one. you know they tell you to announce things.  but you’re like i am not your personal assistant. take your own calls type deal.  that is what it feels like sometime.
 they said i lost my privacy. i don’t know why they seem to think i shouldn’t have any.  i don’t bother them enough to have them in their like that.  i stare a lot though.  but i don’t go into their houses, or their telephone conversations, or their personal business, or personal computer either.  can they say the same to toher people?  i don’t know if they can or not.  but that is partially what i mean.  the rest is privacy for your own business.
i think a or e tried to tell someone off on the phone earlier. i didn’t catch it.  they were yelling.  i think they know i was on it my stomach is the loudest thing in the room all the time  i swear to god that ain’t a lie.  maybe an exaggeration but not really.  so i moved it.  i didn’t want to hang it up until they were through.  i do it at work sometimes if i can and if i couldn’t i left it off the hook.  i didn’t listen unless i had too.  i think most jobs will tell you if you need to listen in.
i found a couple of new blogs.  i overheard someone got upset about being publicized as a good read on someone’s web page. I don’t know why they would be but they were like they didn’t get asked if they could use them.  I don’t know if that is normal though. on this one blog, this lady said to e-mail her as to whether or not she thinks they should be mentioned.  so i am going to e-mail her and find out if that is normal.  because i am putting people’s blogs up on my spaces page and i think people will enjoy them.  i don’t want to offend anyone i  just want them to read.  and if she says it is the proper thing to do then i have to send out emails to these men and women who i would like to post on my blog.  do you think that is normal?
I have to give out my telephone number but the thing is she doesn’t like me to use this telephone very much.  So I don’t want to make waives as I am here and they want me to get out on my own and have my own place and my own life. But I need to give this man my telephone number so I can get a few things straight.  Believe you me I don’t know that many people male or female so i am not trying to single anyone out.  So don’t take it the wrong way when you read this blog finally on the internet.  (Note: I am saying this because I know people will get upset at some of what they read in here or throughout here and I dont want them too.)
Okay- yesterday, someone told me that I lost my life.  I don’t see how that is possible.  If I didn’t take anything and I am still alive but I dont think that is what they meant. I  think they meant my lifestyle and how I live my life.  Kind of like the definition of the n-word that I found on this blog that I read.  I read this online newspaper/magazine called The Root.  Its a good read.  You may or may not like it.  So anyway, the article was called, " Retro Flashback: Ruminations on a Song  and on a Word" and in it there was this definition: 

“If you define nigger as someone whose lifestyle is defined by others, whose opportunities are defined by others, whose role in society is defined by others, then good news! – you don’t have to be black to be a nigger in this society. Most of the people in America are niggers.”

This had me thinking.  We all consider the n-word to be denigrative and a bad word. It means you are uneducated and uninformed.  That you are uninitiated and that ou are unaware.  We consider it to mean that you are ignorant and lazy.  Those are different definitions but are they?  That is someting to think about.  I don’t believe the rest of the world would like to be called the n-word, though.

The phrase of the day  is:  "You’re talking into a microphone b—-?!"  Meaning two things:  a- don’t let little children hear you and the second one b- understand that s/he doesn’t want you to publicize your conversation to other people. What does that mean? it means that sometimes it is best to do it in sign language. And if you can’t do that then call the up on the real telephone and arrange a meeting time.  And if you don’t have the telephone number, then ask someone you know who might have it or show up at their house during reasonable hours. Someone once said it is okay to come after 9 a.m., and recently I heard 7:30 a.m.; (that is pushing it to me but if they work late nights then that is their night time) Preferably where you can obtain privacy.   Not on a soapbox, but something I have learned that I need to do and haven’t been able to actually find that place yet.  Maybe you have.

Okay, as you can see it is book time.  My week in review:


For those in the know, I finished a full week of temping as I stated earlier.  For those in the know I haven’t had a job since  last school year. The current school year had me on the roster but I am not working so I am temping.  Hopefully this will lead to better things.


For those in the know, I am out there looking for someone to be friends with and possibly romantic with.  You want the honest truth- Not sure its happening (romantic).  I think the problem is that I actually might have something and don’t call it that.  You are like what the h— are you talking about?  Maybe, in my fantasy of a mind here, I have something going on.  And maybe it might end up being the right thing for me or maybe not.  Maybe this is all just conjecture and I am invovled in nothing.  And if I am not, I joined up on a dating website and have a lot of emails to return if i ever get my life together enough to get a credit card.  don’t have it yet.

For those in the know, I am still trying to obtain the you know what from the you know who. Actually, I have gotten the title to the car I just have to send everything in now.  

For those in the know, I am hoping to get my chou chou soon.  I call them that.  At least start to get to know them for real.  I call them chou chou because they are cute.  although it means cabbage cabbage, i like the way it sounds.  call me crazy.  I am hoping to meet a nice bunch of people and hope to make friends.

 So as I stated on the romantic front, I am hoping for better things.  I have hopes of actually dating or something.  Preferably which leads to other things.  I get asked who I am talking to all the time.  I don’t get that I have to tell you. I dont talk to hardly anybody that is not involved with someone else.  Most of the men and women I know are invovled.  Which means what- I am not who they are interested in and they are happily involved.  And for those who aren’t they tell me.  And I have heard some interesting stories.  THe sad part is, I am no where near as experienced as they are and they tell me excuse the language, s— I don’t need to know.  What does that say about me besides that I am nosy and will listen to you? Is it even complimentary?

 Wanna go out for pizza?  I had some recently.  I was on a tanget. I don’t know if that means they will welcome you back in there.

I heard a pretty song. I don’t know the name and haven’t heard it since.  I think is is folk rock though.  Not sure. I was panning thorugh stations and since I don’t listen to the radio, you can all rest assured, it was more than likely on there. 

 I like this guys voice.  It relaxes me.  I don’t believe I have met him yet though.  I imagine he is kind of tall and skinny.  lanky even.  brown skin or darker.  might be lighter though.  i say brown skin. brown or black eyes and curly black hair.  pretty hair but he is not a pretty man.  My age or older.  probably older though.  been around a while.  so anyway, the reason i mention him is i was thinking about him.

For those in the know, I believe that Obama may be our president in three days not counting today.  We all understand that if he has already had assassination attempts that we are facing the possible extermination of our president during tenure in office. For his liittle girls that means they may grow up without their daddy.  If you want him to be president vote for him, pray for him and for God’s sake, learn to be a bit more discreet when you talk around people.

 For those in the know, chat rooms are dangerous things.  You want to know why?  People tell you stuff and you are like all right then, and you live where, note to self- we want to be careful of this one.  and then of course there are the names.  And when I tell you polite conversation they are not.  But the best thing about the chaqt room is as she said, "We are all hiding." 

For those in the know and those ready to leave, I have but one wishe and that wishe is that we all be friends and lovers and countrymen.  You are like yeah right who are you kidding.  All kidding aside, I hope and wish you all a good day. 

 A great inventions   emoticons.  They give you so much to play with you don’t know.

I think I have spacing issues are something.  Okay- I do apologize for the book.  I have a lot to talk about.  I need to talk to people. That is what I am hoping to do today.  If they are so inclined.  We hope they are, me and all the other people who will have to listen to me if I don’t.  Not that I talk to them but I do tend to chat with other people.

If any of you like virtual reality you may want to check out Second Life.  I have to get back in there and work.  So I might see you in there.

And on that note, I really have to go. I am hoping to put more blogs on here, and I hope that this lady will be able to answer my questions. Its funny because she makes me think of my sister the one I am going to email. They have similar tones when writing.  I don’t know if I should tell you that.  You might know who I am talking about.

Until next time. Be cool and stay charged









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