Take 2

Nore:  I wrote this earlier but the computer was on the fritz. the hellhound was in the computer making our lives a living hell.  they are in the computer at work too.  but since i am only temporary, i am not worried.   today i wrote a little story on what would happen or what would you do if this happened to you:  
I was walking out the door about to go on lunch when I was informed that, you don’t have to come back. I fired you a long time ago.  And then at the same time to someone else, lets go out to lunch and have a conversation.  My response was" What the hell.  You can’t fire me a long time ago.  I just started work here. And then I said, " on second thought, since you fired me, bye."   Has this ever happened to you?
Okay here is the entry that I had to paste in due to a fritzy computer: 

Ok–so I have decided once again to not make a fool of myself doing stupid things.  You would think that  had made this more often than not But it hasn’t helped much.  I still do it. 


Anyway, I finished the first two days of the assignment.  Yay!  I learned how to do her job. The basics of her job to complete it for while she was gone.  Did you know they sometimes have no one in the office.   But it wasn’t bad though.  I had to ask this guy a quesiton but he jetted. And then he had an appointment come in the office after he left.  I can’t figure out why he didn’t remember the appointment. 


Anyway, I have not much to say today. I am going out to buy some medicine over the counter for me premens.  It is muchly needed.  


I will be older soon.  That means 34.  but I am not publicizing it.  THe reason is because the election is on my birthday and the country may actually pick a black president.  Did you know, oh , i meantioned that already. excuse the typos.  i am not correcting them this time.  i am just typing.  i have to go take the garbage out right now.  be back.


I have some secrets but not many.  none that are earth shattering and shaking. actually, they probably aren’t important to many people. but they are to me.   the one secret that I am not sure I want to tell or should tell is who i am interested in personally.  It isn’t such a big deal but I would like it to get started before anything.  So i can’t say anything.  who knows, if we actually get to talking, we might start something.  but no one and i mean no one can know that i am talking until we actually have a relationship that has been going on for at least 2 years or more.  youre like that is extreme.  truth- it isn’t.  and it could be but it isn’t. not everyone has to go through that but i think two years is the mininum.  you could go later.    i am not by nature a trusting person in the sense that i trust you won’t hurt me.  i am gullible but i trust that you will hurt me.  and  i don’t want to be hurt.   i think we have all been hurt enough.


so tomorrow i go to work unless i get sent home.  i might.  i don’t know.  i can do the job.  but they may not want me there.  and i have been nodding and shaking my head today.  i don’t like it.  i also have had head pain and shock to day too.  i don’t like it.


i might have found a place that you can stay when you don’t have another place tostay. i am going to check it out.  hopefully it is a good place and clean.


okay so i am babbling. i want to sign on to a chat room.  i am actually not bad at chatting. i thought i would be horrible. ibut i am not so bad.  and they are good to talk too.  some are young and rather matrue some are old and rather immature.  but they each help you talk.  sometimes the conversaiton is risque.  but always good for a laught. some palces aren’t good for chatting either.  but i like the ones i go on.


okay so i am not going to stay on much.  i will chat with you late.r 




Here is another thought:  why do we as people want to be different other than we are?  why does a white women want a tan to become darker and in some cases black?  why do some people black want to bleach their skin?  if we called you the n-word you would be upset. If we called you the h-word you would be upset. If we called you the s-word you would be upset.  So if this is the case then why do you want to be different than you are and become that which you denigrate.  It doesnt’ make sense does it.


Okay. So i put it in.  I hope you like.




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