Okay-so I get up forty five minutes after the alarm goes off. Don’t ask me how that happens.  Then I get dressed and get to work; get this in 15 minutes.  So I get to work and there are messages on the machine. So I take off the messages and then I look at the work on my desk.  The computer (it hates me I swear to God that machine can be slower than molasses or rather my ass(ess) Joke. Get it?  You’re not laughing.  Okay.  So anyway, I get through some of the work and I field the phone calls and then whammo- do I or don’t I?  I don’t but you know what that means, I am having one hell of a day with PMS and let me tell you it ain’t pretty.  No excuse for being nasty or a B— and I am not saying that I was  but I was not a good girl today. 
Anyway,  I see a really cute guy.  I bet you he is either married, dating or gay.  So which would you think-Morris Day and the Times or an E?  Not sure huh?  Me neither.  But he is nice to look at.  So we look but we don’t talk. I know it is sad for us. We realize that we are sad and pathetic beyond belief.   But at least we know that huh?
So okay back to my sojourn around the area where I am currently working; I found eight places to eat; some are cheap some are not.  I found what looks like a nice place to sit but I am looking for a place to nap at and I don’t know if I woud really use the sofa in the office.  Nice leather couch though.  Nothing will beat the couch that the school though.  Do you think they use it?  Totally rude we know.
I think God put the wholly scare into some people I met in passing. They are the scarcest people in the world it seems.  Not really it just feels like that.
Okay so I want to go back out and search for this place.  I think it is past Cellar Avenue. I think you can eat there. Or it is on Raritan Road.  Don’t know though.   
I had this dream about this person (we say person because we don’t want to name names) and I think he is nice to look at.  I don’t know him very well yet. But he is talented, it seems easy to talk to and he listens although he will call you something nasty faster than you can say barber.  But anyway, this dream has him and one of his friends ( I haven’t met them yet) but they are sitting in a restaurant or they are sitting in jail.  Why did they go to jail? don’t ask me its a dream.  So anyway they are sitting there and they are thinking about their significant others.  And one of them decides to tell them about an argument they had recently. This argument revolves around the others desire to not have a family.  The reason they didn’t want to have a family was because of their lifestyle.  It didn’t bode well for people to have children. So this is their argument. So he has inunduated them with family outings and pictures and everything.  But this person has found a way to outsmart them and not have family outings.  It isn’t because they don’t like family. They just beleive the person doesn’t want family with them. 
My computer flipped me the bird man! What the f-?  Okay, so I was typing and it went on the blank. It didn’t flip me the bird it just wanted me to retype my password right in the middle of another story.  okay so it might have flipped me the bird and yes i know it is an inanimate object but that is no excuse for interrupting my train of thought mister.   Joke still not laughing huh?
Geez man and I thought I was sour.
Okay so here is another non-story well actually no story at all.  I saw this really pretty car. I mean the color.  But i haven’t seen it since.  I was thinking of getting either pizza or a salad.  but if i get a salad i go to the bathroom.  do i want to go to the bathroom?  i do but not right now.  besides it hurts right now. not that i have to goto the bathroom but i have back pain.  and i don’t want to move right now.  i have to go in ten minutes anyway. your asking why?  cause i want to go find some place and if i do it at night it aint so bad although it is raining and that car so bad isn’t a bad drive.  but you never know run through some standing water and see what happens?
i work down the street from some attorneys.  i thought of actually seeing if they need legal research done but i am not so sure about that.    I am not bad at it. I haven’t done it in a while though.
I think that lady is okay.  I think she might have a mix up in her head though.  Not sure.  Time will tell. 
I get paid on Thursday. Thank God for pay day.  although I can’t use the money at least I will have it and can pay off the cell phone bill.  I didn’t have money and I could use it now.  I think eventually the phone might be turned off completely and it will not be used.  It might just be cell phone usage. Not good if you ask me. It is better to have a landline phone if you can.  So I am hoping to get more assignments out of this company.  She found me this one and I didn’t have to interview.  Although someone told me they had an interview.  I think it was D who told me.  I have to ask him next time I talk to him which isn’t often.
I found where he went to school.  I have never been there.   I don’t even know what it looks like on the outside but it can’t be bad.  I saw this lady putting stuff in her trunk. From far away she looked familiar.   It is kind of big I guess. maybe not.
I still want to take some courses. But so far I haven’t seen anything offered at the highschool at night.  And it doesn’t have to be in town. I thought of looking at where I worked near but I am not sure I am welcome to come there and take the courses at night. You are saying why wouldn’t you be welcome?  any number of reasons.  some of which aren’t going to be mentioned and some that will.  But who knows? 
It is raining and getting windy outside. I really want to go out and my ten minutes are up.  But if I go out in the rain I might start to sniffle which is not bad but I can’t afford to get sick.  My face has been colder than you know.  It makes you feel like a corpse you are so cold.  and i am not dehydrated because I can eat and hold down food.  I might have an upset stomach but that is it.  it is not good.  
I have to draft some letters tomorrow.  I have found some on the computer but not all of them. I think they will be on there.  The lady I work with seems okay.  She mumbles some when you talk to her so you can’t understand what she is saying. I don’t like that because you have to ask her to repeat what she says.  I can’t always understand her.  BUt she is the office manager and she has been there for a while. But she has three children and she has been married for a while.  Her husband is a computer geek.  I don’t know what else he does though. I think he probably does something else as well.  The lady who trained me was nice.  But she is getting married.  Someone left keys to an apartment or a house at the desk. They remind me of 750’s keys. I wonder if it they are for their apartment buildings.  Probably.  I wonder where they are. I left them on the desk.  Anyway, she is off until after I leave. My assignment is for two weeks.  I like temping I think.  If it gets off the ground. I can switch from office to office and decide which I like better and best of all I am my own boss.  I get paid different salaries but it is okay.  It was above $- this time. It might be $- next time.  The lady thought I should go for office assistant. Can’t get hired for that.  I think my resume has me overqualified.  Anyway, I am hoping for better things.  Maybe a six month assignment might work.  It could start in January or December and if I am not here than it can start where I go maybe.  I get a temping job where I go.  You never know.  It could happen.  My computer is slow now. I hate when that happens.  It sucks. For real.
 Okay so this guy I work wit comes in with like a  cat that ate the canary smile. Does’t bode well if you ask me.   I know you didn’t but I am putting my two cents in anyway.  It doesn’t bode well.  I don’t know exactly what he does there.  I haven’t seen him do anything since I been there except make phone calls.  He has bills sitting on his desk that have been there for two to three days. I know because I put them there.  Then again maybe he won’t touch them until his father comes back. that is the guy who owns the company.  So we shall see. I would tell you what I heard but I don’t think so.  It isn’t something to repeat.  So I won’t.  See I can keep my mouth shut but not often.  And you are saying AAAGGGHHH!  See a laugh!
I think the he I was talking to once is a gay guy and he is the female member of the couple.  The reason I say this is he is the more effeminate of the two. But they are a riot and a half.  I haven’t seen them in a while.  I hope they are okay. 
Maybe if I am lucky I can save to go to Canada?  I don’t know.  It might be possible.  I don’t have to go to MOntreal but I would like to see it.  Quebec; Provence?  Or just a nice town in Canada. 
I have been debating if I should sign on or not.  If I sign on, I could have a conversation.  I think that lady mentioned missing a conversation or something. Don’t you wonder how they know what you type or write? It is the freakiest thing in the world.  But what is worses you might be capable of the same thing and just not able to do it yet.  What does that mean?
I want to go back to get some food.  I might see people I know.  I want to take a bath.  but i can’t. 
 I think they called her in from vacation.  she has to pick something up but they might have.  i hope not.  that means you are doing a terrible job.  and I am not.  I just ask questions.  the problem is the noise or slow working computers.  plus i have to learn what they want.  
Okay. So I not have much else to say right now.  I will chat with you later.
Don’t stay up late and have a good night’s sleep.

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