I am confused.  I don’t know why he can’t just give her the recommendation she asked for considering that I called to see why they hadn’t returned the phone call.  I think they are involved in a law suite. I don’t want to cause porbles but I think that it should be that it is a little thing.  Unless of course he says that I hadn’t done something or other.  We had the conversation about being fired.  Unless he is a liar and he didn’t tell the truth.  I won’t call him a liar unless he proves himself to be. I just don’t want problems. Okay.  So that’s my beef for today. 
Oh, I have a request from Friends.  I haven’t met them yet.  I have to see.  It should be cool.  I can get someone to send my stuff too that isn’t too mucn a of a read and my pictures once I figure how to upload them without a problem. Plus i have a virus they just got rid of and it origniated in my hotmail.  so i am not sure if i should send it or noe.  which reminds me i have to sign on to the website. 
i have to go to the center and to the school.  and i have to stop by the hall and church .  but i won’t get to much excpet the center and the school. 
i don’t get why he was like oh alright. i didn’t get that at all. i am not asking for much.  he used the car when he wasnts. it doesnt’ make any sense to me.  i donm’t work so i can’t use it. because i can’t pay for it or the insurance either.  so that doestn mean that he should have that attityude.

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