Today, I woke up when I normally wake up except that I was woken up this time.  I wasn’t in a good mood actually.  I let the person know.  I should apologize for being nasty but at the same time, I didn’t like it either.  They didn’t like being lambasted at 5:30 in the morning either.  I have to go out today.  I am hoping to meet up with someone who I can talk to about some things I have going and need help with. 
I have recently joined a book club for those who like to read.  I hope to see how it goes.  If I think it is a good book club, I will recommend it.
I don’t have much to say this morning except that I have to do the following:
1.  Watch what I say.
2.  Watch who I say it too.
3.  Watch my language.
4.  Don’t get too upset and embarrass myself even more that I am already embarrassed.
5.  Meet people.
6. Get information so I can talk to them afterwards.
7.  Learn from my many many mistakes and try not to repeat them. Understand, this seems to sometimes be an impossibility for me but I actaully do get it right.
8. Hook up with someone I am interested in for real and take time out to get to know them better.
(fix the time lag on the computer somehow-my computer is like 10 minutes behind what I am actually typing)
9.  Take a nap.
Ok-on to the good things.  I missed the Prom.  I wanted to see the dresses.
Also, I don’t know about you guys but people around me seem preoccupied with certain activites.  I am not talking about s-e-x  although people are about that too.  No, its more like how when I complain they complain about complaining and then we go in circles. Also, cell phone etiquette. I have found out that we, myself included can become obsessed with cell phone etiquette.  WHen you talk to loud, or when you use your cell phone in wrong situations and the like. 
Here is a situation:  You wish to change how you appear to other people.  For instance, you want a boob job.  You have lost a lot of weight and were an A. Now you are below an A and almost non-existent.  Do you think that the person should do it considering they are below 120 and are extremely bony.  Would you have them sign up for a web page like My Free Implants and the linked pages and go to a doctor, or just go to a doctor. My take is I think I would have them consider both and not necessarily the web page but to talk to people on the web page.  What do you think?
Ok-I don’t have much to say so I will sign off now.  Enjoy your day!

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