A Book Review of Death by Autopsy A Toni Day Mystery

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Book Review of Death by Autopsy A Toni Day Mystery

Written by:  Jane Bennett Munro

Publish Date:  2014

Publisher:  Iuniverse

Buy Link: http://goo.gl/wIrWu2

Rating:  5 bookmarks

Book Review by Nicole Harmon

I absolutely loved this novel and could actually work out the mystery and solve it by the end.  Psst- I WON’T RUIN FOR YOU.  A summary of the novel is that one night Toni Day the pathologist at the Cascade Hospital came upon the half submerged vehicle of Dwayne and Beulah Pritchard.  She quickly had her parents who were in the car at the same time, call the police and she attempted to get the one body out of Beulah.  They all thought that Beulah was dead but upon beginning preliminaries for the autopsy Beulah indicated signs of life. “Watch this.”  I wasn’t at all sure I’d really seen what I thought I’d seen—or that anything would happen when I gave Beulah a command, but I tried anyway.

“Beulah!  Squeeze my hand.” P 22 She called the emergency room and they picked her up and put her in ICU.

While she was in ICU they brought her husband in and he was dead.  “Hello there, young lady,” Rollie Perkins intoned.  “We’ve got another autopsy for you.”

“Beulah’s husband?”

“That’s the one.  Name’s Dwayne Pritchard. When do you think you can do it, Doctor?” p35

As they did the autopsy on Dwayne Pritchard it became evident that he was murdered at his house and that Beulah had placed him in her car and then drove it into the water.   According to the autopsy Dwayne had a depressed skull fracture and the remainder are from his having cancer.

When Beulah died two days later, her autopsy proceeded with no problems.  Of note in this section of the book is how important the two autopsies are and her history.  Specifically, it says that she also had cancer. And that they were both in terminal stages of cancer.  I will explain my thinking about this point later.

The investigation of the house found suggestions that Dwayne was killed there and a third party was involved.  But nothing else turned up.  It was in the investigation into Beulah’s life where everything came to note.   She had a previous marriage in which her son was murdered and the persons involved are the very same people that her current husband works with at a company.  All the evidence looks to a problem with money for one couple. I will not spoil the end for you. I believe that you will have to read for yourself.

I give this book 5 bookmarks.  Excellent writing in a field that I know nothing about.   The author is a medical pathologist and explains the medical terms in simple layman’s terms.  The police investigation is also explained the same way. So too is the legal system. This book to me is like a primer. You can easily understand if you follow what she is talking about and find the criminal all on your own. For those who like whodunit this is a good book. For those who like medical thrillers or mysteries this is a good book.

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review but given the book in exchange for the review.

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From her point of view

(Straight View)

He promised me a night to rival all our dates together.

I am not one to have sex with another female but I will date another female.

And that is how I met my boyfriend, Trey.

He is tall yella bruther

With a huge broad chest

And an accent to die for.

Nia  is my name

I am in love with my man.

I am an average height woman who comes up to his shoulders in heels.

That man has given me the best O of my life.



My girlfriend has promised me a night to rival all of our dates combined.

She is a tall light skinned pretty faced female

Her measurements are 36-28-36

Her shoe size is a 9

Her dress size is a medium

I wasn’t a lesbian or thought of lesbianism until she kissed me

I said Get the hell out to my boyfriend

And kicked his sorry ass to the curb

And I shouted to the rooftops how I felt about my girl

My measurements are 36-28-36

We borrow everything from each other

She is my better half

I really love her


His point of view

(straight view)

My girlfriend of three years is a beautiful white woman

I was always against interracial relationships

She was the one who helped me raise my son after my former girlfriend died

She was the one who helped me get my job

She was the one who said leave the stage and work for your self

This is now the third year of our relationship

And we are discussing marriage

I didn’t want to ask her to marry me

I didn’t want to ask her to move in with me

But I did want to do something nice

So I sent her a telegram


Invited her to dinner

At the DARBY

Afterwards we would go for a drive in the park

And there we would with a permit pitch a tent and spend the night

The kids are taken care of.



I told my boyfriend that we were going to paint the town

Dress in our best dress clothes

Wear our spit shine shoes

Take in a show

Do dinner

And then go home

To have a wild night of sex

And then you know what my baby did

He proposed before I could pop

The question

So our Valentines Day

Is at the folks

Announcing our engagement

Who knew?

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Enter to Win! 
Author is giving away one autograph copy of Seven Days of Redemption

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Genre: Devotional

Instead of giving you a formal third person description of myself, I’m going to be transparent. The same way I present myself in ministry, my book, my blog, the way I am in real life. I’m passionate, enlightening and formalities may dilute the true message of what I want to deliver. I grew up a small town girl who involuntarily learned a lot of things the hard way. My childhood was stolen at the tender age of four and after years of abuse I decided to liberate myself through accomplishments. My trophies and awards shined brightly but my soul grew darker as I started to adopt and carry out self-inflicted abuse. Fearing a return to my impoverished beginnings I became a serial perfectionist. If things weren’t flawless, I would perpetually beat myself up until I fixed it. As I was bringing down the hammer on myself for the umpteenth time, God grabbed my hand and I looked up to behold the Son of Glory. He showed me a new way. I learned that acceptance, forgiveness and grace is more effective in change than punishment. I would continue to fall, but instead of the whip, I used something a lot fiercer: the double-edged Word of God.

Having her innocence stolen at the age of four, she would grow up relentlessly betrayed, oppressed, and longing for unconditional love. In Seven Days of Redemption, the companion devotional to the inspirational memoir, “Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball”, Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland gives an exclusive glimpse inside her process of healing and restoration. This devotional is a seven-day journey of strength, acceptance and grace. Endowing you with the irresistible unction to shout, I Am Redeemed!!

Tour Hosted by WNL 

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I am going to a summit tomorrow on violence. It is the National Summit on Non-Violence. For so many years we have heard preached that we should practice non-violence. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and eventually Malcolm X; in the stories about their lives they moved to the opposite’s person position. So here is my take on it before I go and then I will tell more when I return with pictures and a recording hopefully of the summit.
The state of affairs of African American relations with the police have always been fraught with problems, violence, ignorance and idiocy. The idiocy is us thinking that the law had our back. The ignorance is us thinking that the law had our back. The violence is us thinking that the law had our back. The problem is us thinking that the law had our back. On the flip side is that the problems we had is us thinking that we were in the right when we were sometimes in the wrong. The violence is because we thought it was safe to reach into our bag. We thought it was safe to go for our sunglasses. We thought it was safe for us to talk with the police. And the ignorance and the idiocy comes from the people who watch and listen and try to make sense; so they loot and they kill and sometimes they make worse. But isn’t good.
Hopefully as people learn the art of non violent protest they will decide that it’s better to fight as a group with a mind of like convictions that will not destroy the town or state we live in. Because the ignorance is that the man who committed the crime if he is a cop may more than likely get off. And the family left behind will have nothing but anger and hatred. Yes hatred. It’s like I have my baby in my body for nine months go through hours of labor with him and in less than an hour you can take my baby’s life. And I am supposed to want to go and shake your hand while my baby lies dead. Now you may not like me for saying that but I am a young woman; I have seen television and heard about my friends dying and also read stories. But the problem is that the situation with Ferguson has escalated as most situations do to violence. Apparently even the Klu Kluxx Klan is involved. I have to say although I am not a white supremacist I believe that they shouldn’t align themselves with that. And I read an article which supported that. Count them five different versions of the event all support the same conviction- he was murdered by a cop. No gun confirmed by the person who was actually with him. No stolen merchandise as far they can see. Videotape which shows him apparently trying to rob a store patron. What was on his person that was the proof? And the man is down the street from the store. The reason for him stopping and trying to arrest him was what? Did he receive the call? From the store? And then they ran down the street until one was dead and the other was alive. And then all the witnesses’ reports and the autopsy’s seem to corroborate the version of events told by the witnesses. Now the protests have started and some of the violence is noted on television. The National Guard has been called out; the police are in riot gear and the Attorney General himself Holder has made a visit.
So here is what I hope to accomplish at the summit- networking; an opinion of people on non-violent protest; pictures; possible blog entries and new friends hopefully. I hope to have a good conclusion to my article and also a good start to a conversation around the blogosphere. So until tomorrow I bid you goodnight. 082314 @ 1:48 am.
August 25, 2014
I attended the summit on Saturday. Let me take you through the day. I left the house around 5:45 am and then we didn’t arrive there in DC until 10 am. It took us a couple turns around the block to find parking and then when we got inside they had already started although they were running behind. We saw three panels and then didn’t stay for lunch. I was too cold.
Let me share with you some of the pictures I took and you can see for yourself what it was like. See pictures.
The idea for the summit was good. I re-listened to it as I taped it. But I think you had to be there. To break it down- the idea was to discuss ways to help educate ourselves about non-violence and ways we could help each other out. How to help our children and how to help ourselves. How to handle our encounters with the police and all. How to handle encounters with others.
It was good to see a lot of black faces altogether in a room. All different walks of life and religions. Old and Young. The day was a good day to come together and talk.
National-International Summit on Non-Violence 001

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 002

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 003

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 004

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 005

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 006

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 007

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 008

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 009

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 010

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 011

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 012

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 013

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 014

National-International Summit on Non-Violence 015

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My Lessons For You

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My lesson for you is: Never out your stuff out there- you will be embarrassed. I am a single wo/man which may not make me happy but it is my life and I need to deal. And then just live your life. Say your mantra: I am a beautiful young woman. Can say this with your family. Your sister- brother or their married family. If they are married and you don’t want to then its just you.

So now going to another lesson.
My lesson for you is: If you are in a job that you don’t like then quietly find another job because vocally complaining will get you fired with no job.

Another lesson:
My lesson for you is: when you have family problems- and they are aired out in public and you want to save face, the best thing to do is grin and bear it and then when you are alone cry. I highly recommend crying.

Another lesson:
My lesson for you is: Silence when asked is sometimes or always the best policy and I say that because you will lose your entire life if you are not quiet.

Another lesson:
My lesson for you is: Having a baby is hard. Taking care of one is harder. I watched and listened to my friends talk about their lives. And I wondered how they did it. And what they always said was: If I want my child to have the best, then I have to work for my child to have the best. They finished high school and got a degree. And work now while their baby grows up to be 22 years old.

Another lesson:
My lesson for you is: when your family says that they no longer are your family and you are unable to walk away- then take a break and live through it. When you are able to remove yourself then try to walk away without too many regrets and too much pain.

Another lesson:
My lesson for you is: Good looks can disappear. But intelligence, strength and knowledge can disappear too. So what are you left with? Maybe you should think about that before passing judgement on somebody else.

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